Exercises For Arm Growth: Your Ticket To Bigger Guns

T-Nation’s Joel Seedman gives us tips about biceps exercises that can help with arm growth. These are quite effective in enhancing biceps and stimulating the muscle group. These six variations will surely make it happen for you.

One good example is the standing curl. This is an awesome mass-builder because it’s got more tension throughout the entire movement. Check out the authors tips on how to execute this exercise correctly.

The Kettlebell Cure for Small Biceps

Kettlebells provide exclusive benefits and unique kinds of biceps stimulation that are difficult to replicate with dumbbells and barbells. Here are six variations of biceps curls for new arm growth. Read more…

Muscle and Performance gives us the best biceps exercises for all time. You can go ahead and check out exercise #1 – it’s going to help you build solid arms in no time.

It also helps to add variation in your training. When there are deviations in the movement, you stimulate different muscle fibers in a lot of ways. This initiates an even more balanced growth.

Top 10 Best Biceps Exercises

And when it comes to our ranking of biceps exercises, we admit it: You could skip right to No. 1 on this list (spoiler alert: it’s the barbell curl) and do that move as your sole biceps workout every week. And guess what? You’d likely build some pretty impressive peaks. It’s really that good. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness tells us about these top exercises that can add some serious arm mass. We’ve read multiple magazines and we’ve seen their promises how we can add inches to our arm mass. 

Take note though that this kind of workout is a lot different than the normal ones. This focuses on the arms alone and you work on your biceps and triceps. Check it out below:

Peak Arms: The Ultimate Arms Workout

That’s probably what you’re muttering under your breath when the gym’s resident hottie reassures you that she will call—for the fifth straight week—and the phone has yet to ring. But, alas, we’re instead referring to something that really would impress her: a pair of magnum-force guns. Read more…

ATHLEAN-X™ shares their tips how to make your guns bigger:

If you’ve been getting serious with weight lifting lately, Liquid Grip can help you. It can aid your performance better in terms of a sturdy grip. It stabilizes your lift and you don’t have to worry about slips.

Weightlifters do not have to worry about their grip giving out first. Liquid Grip helps them lift heavier weights and use their larger muscle groups. Liquid chalk ensures that you get to build a strong foundation for your arms, and you can definitely do that with this product.

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