Dynamic Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Body

Stephanie Ring from theboxmag.com says that yoga cross training can help you perform power lifts like dead lifting. Including yoga in your warm up is quite beneficial for your form. It’s a matter of developing your strength, balance, and condition.

In practicing yoga, you can learn the abilities to get warm, appropriate mobilization and moving the right way. This targets the correct muscle groups in your body and promotes total body awareness.

Dynamic Yoga Flow Warm-Up: Deadlifts

When performing a deadlift, form is essential. The subtle and not so subtle breaks in form can mean the difference between increasing your lift or tweaking your back. This is why we warm up properly and do our best to execute the lift with optimal technique and precision. And one of the best ways to do both those is to incorporated yoga into your warm-up. Read more…

Popsugar.com says these poses are great for the body and soul. These can be done individually but if you want to mix them up for an interesting routine, you can link them together. The result is awesome because it’s like a dance sequence that you can perform. This in turn, improves your strength and boosts your mind.

There are seven sequences to choose from, all depending on your activities or interests. For example, if you like sports like skiing and hiking, then you should opt for a Fierce Sequence. This is totally going to make your thighs burn.

In Case You Missed It: 7 Dynamic Yoga Sequences

Yoga poses are great to do individually, but when you link them together, you create a fluid dance-like sequence that strengthens your body and energizes your mind. In case you missed them the first time around, here’s a collection of my favorite yoga sequences. Read more…

Two Fit Moms Masumi Goldman and Laura Kasperzak from yogajournal.com came up with dynamic yoga poses which are great for your circulation. These four dynamic poses encourage strength, stability, and balance. You can think about these great benefits while you’re doing the workout.

Aside from that, you may be using the same sequence over and over again. These four poses are all that you need to spice up your routine. These are all innovative poses designed to make it challenging for you and for your body.

Two Fit Moms: 4 Dynamic Poses to Amp Up Your Routine

Still practicing the same sequence again and again? These 4 dynamic poses from Two Fit Moms will not only amp up a humdrum routine, they will also get your blood flowing and heart pumping. Additionally, they will help build strength, stability, and balance. Read more…

Check out this dynamic yoga sequence from Leah Kim:

In performing yoga poses, there might be instances wherein you’ll need to have a better grip. Well,  our liquid hand chalk is  designed to be an efficient agent when it comes to a more effective grip

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