Top Movements For An Iron Grip

T-Nation talks about building maximum grip as well as improving your traps. You can hit two birds with one stone by tweaking this big-three movement. The trick here is to carry these heavy loads in your hands and sustain until you reach your optimum capacity.

Quality versus quantity. You can’t get the strength that you need by performing a 100 of reps on shrugs using just a half an inch ROM. If you want to take it to the next level, trust the dead lift. This is the strongest lift that you can execute. Check it out.

Tip: Strong Traps, Iron Grip

The trap bar deadlift with a shrug at the top will build full body strength plus overload the grip in the process. You can do this with conventional and sumo barbell deadlifts as well. Read more…

Muscle for Life talks about the best forearm exercises that you can perform in order to maximize your grip strength. You might even be neglecting it but take note that this is more important that you might think.

It plays a vital role in your progress. If you lack in this area, then you might face trouble later especially when doing your back and arm exercises. You might even struggle with adding mass to your forearms. Here’s how you can finally make it right:

The Best Forearm Workouts

It’s simple: by engaging your wrist and forearm muscles, like you will in the forearm workouts in this article, you’ll also engage all the other muscles in your arms, including your shoulders. Read more…

Breaking Muscle shares these three kettle bell moves. You may not be aware of this but it represents the epic measurement of your physical level. It’s like the quickest way to evaluate your overall fitness capacity. It says a lot about how you’re doing and if you’re capable enough of picking up heavy things.

Well, if you’re not, then you’ve got to work on it. If you’re in pursuit of enhancing your hand strength, then your timing’s perfect. To get you started, check out your equipment: the kettlebell. These are essential exercises for you in order to improve hand strength. Check it out:

3 Kettlebell Exercises For An Iron Grip

Whether you know it or not, your forearm and grip strength say a lot about you. Grip strength is a quick way to evaluate how much full body strength one possesses. If you have the hand strength of a 12-year-old, you aren’t picking up heavy things. Read more…

Redefining Strength talks about the 19 Grip Exercises in this video:

Hand strength is often neglected by most people. They have a mentality that so long as you’re looking jacked or buffed up, you don’t have to pay close attention to this part of the body. Well, guess what, these things that you call hands are responsible for pushing, lifting, and carrying weights.

That’s why we need to put a bigger emphasis on grip strength. You can push more and do more if you have something that can help you achieve a total grip performance during your workout. That’s exactly what our liquid hand chalk does.

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