Exercises for Bowling: Essential Workouts for Bowlers

Have you been out of touch with bowling lately? Do you want to get back in the game? We can help you kick it up a notch by performing these effective exercises for bowling.   

The Stretch

Stretching exercises are a must when engaging in any sport, says bowlingball.com. Stretch your legs on the floor and extend your legs outward in front of you. Reach down towards your ankles and go as far as you can stretch. When you feel a slight burning sensation in your hamstrings, hold this position for 15 seconds.

Strength Exercises

Forward leg lunges usually do the trick. This time, lunges with a twist. Hold a bowling ball, against your stomach while you perform the lunges. It helps build strength in the thigh area and tightens the muscles. Holding the ball increases the leg resistance and develops abdominal muscles.

Upper Body Exercises

Dumbbells can be beneficial when developing upper body strength. You can do military presses, arm curls, and pulling up motion exercises.

Put your arms in extended downward position and pull the weights up under the armpit area slowly. Return your arms to the hanging position next to your body. Do three sets, 10 reps.


Cardio is essential in improving stamina. The simplest and most recommended exercise is brisk walking. A 30-minute to one-hour walk done at least five times a week would surely help your performance.

Planks with Arm Lift and Glute Bridge Marching

These two moves retain the stability of your pillar. Planks are needed to get the right upper body strength needed for bowling. As an add-on, balance is developed too. Glute Bridge Marching on the other hand, focuses on your hips and improves strength in that area.    

Knee Hugs and Leg Cradles

This pair of exercises helps stabilize your lower extremities. These promote balance and the  stability of each leg. It’s important to include these two in your exercise routine before tournaments.

Foam Roll

Engage your shoulders and your arms using the foam roll technique. This reactivates your muscles and helps regain a good posture. “You want to make sure you’re able to activate the muscles that support your movement, both in bowling and the game of life,” Elsey says to coreperformance.com.

If you want absolute performance, pick a trustworthy aid in your tournaments. Liquid Grip assures you that there’s going to be an even more effective grip during your game.

If you want to improve your grip even more, here are extra strengthening exercises from USBC Bowling Academy:

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