Improve Your Gymnastics Skills When You Cross-Train with Yoga

In gymnastics, there are so many ways for you to reinvent your practice. You’re constantly learning and growing. You can try out some new things for you to discover a different point of view while of course, retaining the things that you learned from your training.

It might be a little difficult to find something that shares the same perspective. That is, until yoga training came into the gymnastics scene.

If you want to strengthen your body more for your gymnastics practice, yoga can be the perfect solution for you. Its main focus is flexibility and conditioning the connective tissues which can enhance your routine.

Moreover, says that gymnastics takes the foundation of yoga to a whole new level of strength, flexibility and balance. This proves to be a perfect cross-training activity for people who want to reinvent their routines.


Yoga can absolutely increase your flexibility as mentioned in In gymnastics, this is a crucial skill and yoga can help you achieve that. There are some postures that would need a little more time and practice to get used to the level of flexibility but over a certain amount of practice, you’ll see improvements in flexibility.

There are some difficult positions for gymnasts like the Monkey pose, Triangle pose, Plow pose and Full Wheel. If you want to try the Wheel, position yourself into a backbend with your hands and feet on the floor then slowly move your hands toward your feet. Hold this pose for a minute, while breathing in deeply. 


Yoga can enhance strength as well. In order for you to execute some advanced poses, you would need a good foundation of upper-body strength. To develop this, gymnasts can practice hard poses like Peacock or Crane pose.  The Dolphin plank pose target your core muscles, while the Firefly and Scorpion poses strengthen your legs and arms. To perform the Scorpion pose, do a headstand and slowly lift your head then look behind you. Arch your back slightly and let your legs drop forward. 


Yoga encourages proper posture. Activities would usually support good spine alignment hence improving your posture in the process. Some poses would help elongate the spine by stretching the muscles in the back and shoulders.

There are poses such as Sage pose and Half-Lord of the Fishes pose that bring back balance to the spine. The Lotus pose maintains the erect and proper posture of the spine. To perform this, sit on the floor in a cross-legged position. Pull your feet up onto the things and then allow the chin to drop slightly while keeping your gaze forward. Relax your shoulders. Put your hands on your lap. 


When you practice yoga, you would need to develop balance. Yoga instructs focus to retain this balance. In turn, it improves your equilibrium. One of the best yoga poses is Lord of the Dance.

This doesn’t only promote balance but it manages to stretch muscles in the legs, shoulders and back. You can perform this pose by standing upright and putting your feet together. Bend your right knee as you reach back with your right hand to grab the inside of your foot. Reach forward with your left arm to maintain balance and slowly pull the leg up behind you. Execute the same process on the opposite leg.

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