Using Reverse Grips In Your Workouts

Flex Online discusses the benefits of reverse grip workouts. This improves your lower lat width. This can happen simply by changing your grip. As what you may observe in the gym, most body builders exhibit good wide upper lats. However, the problem is visible only when you take a look at the lower-lat width. Guys usually have inadequate width in this area.

What can we do to make sure that you can increase the size of this part? Excellent news: you can achieve this by just changing your grip. Turn it upside down and you’ll notice the difference. Yes, you heard us right. Just change it from the usual overhand to a reverse (underhand) style.

This can totally make a difference in your shape. It’s a pretty basic trick when it comes to adding size. Take a look at the details here:

The Benefits of Using a Reverse Grip

Most bodybuilders have wide upper lats, but inadequate lower-lat width, or sweep. The good news is that getting at your lower lats can be as simple as turning your grip upside down. Yes, changing your grip from the customary overhand to a reverse (underhand) style can make a difference in what part of the back you emphasize with a rowing exercise. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness discusses the workout routines that utilize the reverse grip. Flipping your grip around is going to result to serious mass in different muscle groups using this complete workout. What this routine does is to attack the major muscle groups using this method.

While there are those who think that this is an unconventional method, the results will change their minds. It surely sparks muscle growth. Muscles are composed of muscle fibers. These don’t work together when contracting the entire muscle.

In order to make definite changes to your muscle growth, you have to hit all the muscle fibers. You can do this by executing a variety of exercises like angles, bars, and of course, grips. Changing your grip and flipping it 180 degrees is another way of doing the exercise. Take a look at more tips here:

The Reverse-Grip Upper Body Routine

Sometimes it makes sense to go against the grain, to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing or what you normally do. It’s by no means a novel concept. Read more…

Fitness RX for Men talks about the challenge when it comes to trying reverse grip exercises. Well, we can’t blame you guys if you’re hesitant to try this one out. You might be thinking contemplating about its effects whether it’s helpful or not. If you’re satisfied with your workout as it is, then by all means stay that way.

But if you’re someone who wants to take it up a notch and experience massive gains, you have to take a good look at these moves. These will lead you to your ultimate progression. In achieving your fitness goals, these exercises will absolutely deliver.

If you’re not seeing the results that you need after some time, you have to make changes somehow. It doesn’t have to be a drastic or immediate. Small adjustments can eventually lead to a positive outcome. Go ahead and check out these moves:

5 Reverse Grip Exercises for Building Maximum Muscle

Change can be scary at times. Stepping away from the norm and trying something new is tough for many of us. Too many times we become satisfied with staying in our ‘comfort zone’ and cringe at the thought of stepping outside of our comfort bubble. Read more…

ATHLEAN-X™ talks about the benefits of the Reverse Grip Bench:

What’s really important when you do the moves in your training is your grip. It matters because the effectivity and success of your exercise routine depends on this. Let’s elaborate further.

Without having a strong grip, you are prone to get bad results or worse, serious hand or wrist injuries. This is especially true when you’re bodybuilding. That’s why we have the perfect formula for you. Our liquid hand chalk solution is the most effective product to make sure that your hand grip performance won’t be affected by slips. 

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