The Amazing Golden Era Of Bodybuilding

Muscle and Strength talks about the exercises derived from the greatest era of bodybuilding. You can say that most of these moves aren’t being used by modern day bodybuilders anymore but that doesn’t mean that these are ineffective. The M and S team wants to change that.

When you say South California bodybuilding culture in the 70s, we’re seeing the likes of Arnold and Franco appear in our minds. These competitors training at Golds Gym Venice and Muscle Beach are the ideal images that are strongly associated with the golden era.

Sure, during our time, there are quite a lot of advancements in the fitness industry. In line with this, technological applications became rampant. Though this is the case, we can’t deny that the Golden Era paved way for the foundation of the principles that bodybuilders and weightlifters still use today.

That’s why, go ahead and check out the rest of the classic moves here:

Gains: 4 Lifts From the Greatest Bodybuilding Era

When you think of the training methods from that time frame you probably picture heart rate monitors, hammer strength machines, and line graphs depicting force production and anaerobic threshold…wait, what? Read more…

T-Nation shares Dr. Ellington Darden’s story and his experiences while living in the Golden Age.

T-Nation describes competitive bodybuilding as something that you wouldn’t call art. Compared with the Golden Age, the modern form has fallen behind the glorious era. This was revered as the golden time, when the legends trained their hardest, and proved to the world that they were the best of the best.

The magical time started during the 70’s. The figures were large but symmetrical and artistic. These were the physiques that you can call “god-like.”  Bearing power and strength, it’s no wonder that the bodybuilders in the old times had bodies that Greeks could carve into stone. Check out their full discussion below:

A Return to the Greatest Bodybuilding Age

Today, competitive bodybuilding is a freak show. From the late 1960’s to the early 1980’s – the Golden Age of bodybuilding – it was an art exhibit. Read more… elaborates further about this period in bodybuilding. There were particular exercises that all of these men did without question. It was a time when they trusted these moves so much that these were constant in their training routine.

Truly, these moves showed great results. It just shows that they worked their butts off on these exercises. You can even do these moves and see the positive outcome later on. Just a heads up: you don’t need big machines or a gym equipment to do these moves.

Some of these might be new to you but for diehard fans who read Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding and treated it like their own version of The Bible; they breathed and lived for these exercises. 

Back To Basics – Time Tested Muscle Building Exercises

During the Golden Era of Bodybuilding there were specific exercises ALL of these men did without question. These exercises were the “bread and butter” of their training regimes and their physiques showed it. There were no 2 ways about it, if you worked your butt off on these exercises, you were gonna get results. Read more…

VintageGenetics shows us the ultimate Chest Workout For Mass: Golden Era Bodybuilding

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