Unexpected Benefits Of Pole Fitness: Health And Empowerment

Life Hack talks about the ten unexpected benefits of pole dancing. People hesitate when they hear about this unconventional method of working out. They don’t really think of it as a possible option. Pole dancing has gained popularity over the years and has progressed into a competition.

It doesn’t only increase your sexiness but it’s got a lot of health benefits that you should take note of. If you want to improve your body and your health, it’s time to sign up for those classes.

Benefit number one: lets you burn calories. This exercise puts your muscles into work and you are always moving. It’s like combining isometric and cardiovascular exercises. For only a 30-minute session, you get to burn as many calories as you can. This even leads to weight loss even just after several months.

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Pole Dancing

When people hear about fitness and the health benefits of different forms of workouts, they seldom think about pole dancing as a viable option. Much like some popular Latino dances like tango, which started out in shady back alleys of poor neighborhoods only to later gain popularity across the globe, pole dancing has quickly become a very popular form of exercise and even a competitive event. Read more…

This dance combines art, dancing and acrobatics around a pole. This is a good way to achieve your goals. This dance was only thought as something that’s associated to night clubs, but lately, pole-dancers have turned this into a sport and exercise. It’s been dragged into the open, letting individuals and dancers explore their adventurous side.

There are even gyms and fitness centers that offer dance training and classes. It’s now considered as a great workout for both men and women. It can get exhilarating!

One of the benefits that we want to emphasize is muscle-building and flexibility. The purpose is to improve strength and mobility. Each class gives you the opportunity to build your strength using activities like warm-up exercises, push-ups, sit-ups and squats. You have to add muscles to your frame while losing undesirable fat.

6 Unexpected Benefits of Pole Dance Fitness

Pole fitness combines performing art, dancing, and acrobatics around a vertical pole. It can be a great way to achieve your fitness quest. In the past, pole dance was commonly associated with dimly-lit night clubs and strippers, but in recent years pole-dancing lovers have dragged it out of the dark and promoted it as a legitimate form of sport and exercise for fitness purposes. Read more…

Mind Body Green says that people might be wondering about how pole dancing became one of the most effective ways to empower women. This art form has been misjudged greatly because of its ties to exotic dancing and stripping. Once you get to know this dance and what it really stands for, your preconceived notions will vanish.

Let’s focus why this practice is healthy and empowering to women.  First, it makes you stronger. This activity lets you gain enough physical strength using intense resistance training. It’s quite an uplifting feeling when you get to hold and control your body weight in the air. You feel great, and you stand up for yourself.

Women have been subjected to theories that they’re simply not strong enough or not good enough. Girls were raised to believe that they’re weak.  This couldn’t be more wrong.

7 Reasons Why Pole Dancing is Empowering To Women

I know what you might be thinking: how can pole dancing, which has historical ties to the exotic dance industry (one that has at times objectified women), actually be empowering to women? I admit in the past, I struggled with the answer to this question myself. Read more…

WatchMojo.com shares this Pole Dance Workout for Beginners:

Pole Fitness is as unique as it gets. You have to face quite a number of challenges especially in dealing with your various workouts that combine dance, flexibility, acrobatics, and muscle-building while suspended above the ground. Aside from this, one of the greatest difficulties is ensuring your safety while you’re training with the pole. The risk of falling increases, and slippery hands add to the danger.

Using Liquid Grip in your routine will definitely help minimize the risk. That’s because the formula in this product has been designed to improve your grip during training. It’s got the best ingredients that will leave you feeling confident while working out. 

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