Reasons Why Shoulder Stretches Are Important

Daily Burn talks about that feeling of having tight knots in your shoulders. Most of us tend to have that uncomfortable sensation if we’re stressed out. Anger, anxiety, and certain emotions have an effect on our head, neck and shoulders.

Chronic stress will be accumulated over time and it leads to awful and tight knots in our upper body. How do we combat this? This yoga sequence was specifically designed to relieve stress and tension.

5 Yoga-Inspired Shoulder Stretches

Amanda Valdes-Mosier, a head yoga instructor at Laughing Lotus in New York City, breaks down five different tension-taming asanas (poses) so you can have a soothing reset to your day. Read more..

Having flexible shoulders is a must. It’s an important part but it’s often neglected. These help us perform daily tasks like reaching, lifting, and performing other movements. It also increases body strength and range of motion.

If you experience pain after heavy lifting, it’s most likely because of your lack of flexibility. Flexibility is responsible for decreasing the amount of load that your bones, ligaments and joints have to go through.

The Importance of Having Flexible Shoulders

The shoulders are very important, and oft neglected, parts of your body. Your shoulders help you with everyday tasks, they help you reach for objects, lift objects and they also help you perform exercises. Read more…

Fitday says that there’s only one good reason why stretching is important for the shoulders. It is used mainly for upper body strength but few people know how to use their shoulder muscles.

Daily activities use most of upper extremities like the arms, and lower extremities like the leg. But it never utilizes the shoulder muscles. You can make it different this time.

Why Shoulder Stretching Increases Upper Body Strength

But even in an everyday activity like this, the muscles in your shoulders get very little use and, therefore, do not get strengthened at all. However, there is a very simple way to change that. Read more…

Bowflex shares these helpful moves for your upper body: 

When you’re done with shoulder stretching exercises and you’re ready for some gym action, it pays to know Liquid Grip. Whether you’re about to do some awesome lifting, or any exercises that involve using strength from your hands, arms and shoulders, you’ve got to check this out.

It’s not only because of its new formula. It is totally great for enhancing your grip in terms of performance. You don’t want your hand slipping or giving in to the weight during your exercise so this is a definite solution for you! 

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