Reasons Why Shoulder Stretches Are Important

Daily Burn talks about that feeling of having tight knots in your shoulders. Most of us tend to have that uncomfortable sensation if we’re stressed out. Anger, anxiety, and certain emotions have an effect on our head, neck and shoulders.

Chronic stress will be accumulated over time and it leads to awful and tight knots in our upper body. How do we combat this? This yoga sequence was specifically designed to relieve stress and tension.

5 Yoga-Inspired Shoulder Stretches

Amanda Valdes-Mosier, a head yoga instructor at Laughing Lotus in New York City, breaks down five different tension-taming asanas (poses) so you can have a soothing reset to your day. Read more..

Having flexible shoulders is a must. It’s an important part but it’s often neglected. These help us perform daily tasks like reaching, lifting, and performing other movements. It also increases body strength and range of motion.

If you experience pain after heavy lifting, it’s most likely because of your lack of flexibility. Flexibility is responsible for decreasing the amount of load that your bones, ligaments and joints have to go through.

The Importance of Having Flexible Shoulders

The shoulders are very important, and oft neglected, parts of your body. Your shoulders help you with everyday tasks, they help you reach for objects, lift objects and they also help you perform exercises. Read more…

Fitday says that there’s only one good reason why stretching is important for the shoulders. It is used mainly for upper body strength but few people know how to use their shoulder muscles.

Daily activities use most of upper extremities like the arms, and lower extremities like the leg. But it never utilizes the shoulder muscles. You can make it different this time.

Why Shoulder Stretching Increases Upper Body Strength

But even in an everyday activity like this, the muscles in your shoulders get very little use and, therefore, do not get strengthened at all. However, there is a very simple way to change that. Read more…

Bowflex shares these helpful moves for your upper body: 

When you’re done with shoulder stretching exercises and you’re ready for some gym action, it pays to know Liquid Grip. Whether you’re about to do some awesome lifting, or any exercises that involve using strength from your hands, arms and shoulders, you’ve got to check this out.

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What You Need To Know: Rock Climbing Tips For Woman

ChicksWithPicks is a great source of information when it comes to rock climbing. The page tells us how it’s great for women to be exposed to certain kinds of training that’ll be beneficial when it comes to health. It gives women the capacity to learn new movements and concepts.

Implementing these workouts in their routine will surely create a positive change. This 8-week training program is going to give you a detailed step by step how to initiate your training.

Training Program, 8 Weeks

It’s incredibly beneficial for all the Chicks to be introduced to new movements and concepts for training, and initially implementing these in a regular workout in almost any fashion will create positive change. Read more…

These are the 10 things that you need to learn before you actually challenge the mountains. When you go through with it, be sure to be equipped with enough knowledge about the activity.

This is one athletic adventure that can seem to be out of people’s leagues. Sure, it’s quite a difficult achievement but it’s something that you can accomplish.

The 10 Things You Need to Know

Hiking—sure. Biking—no problem. But rock climbing? That’s one athletic adventure that has always seemed slightly beyond our reach. Read more… says that if you want to try this activity, you can do these tips and get yourself ready in no time. This is something that you can try and it will positively give you great results!

If you’re after the physical and mental abilities, give this one a try. You’ll never regret it!

Want to Try Rock Climbing? 5 Tips (and Tunes!) to Get You Up the Wall

Looking for a fun new hobby that challenges both your physical and mental abilities? Give rock climbing a try: The indoor/outdoor sport — which involves making your way up a wall by way of tiny cracks, crevices and outcroppings — can give your body and your brain a complete workout. Read more…

Howcast tells us about Solving Problems Based on Body Type:

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How To Become A Great Basketball Player

The body needs the right fuel to build good muscle for optimum performance. This is where protein comes in. However, it’s not just that nutrient alone. There are other nutrients that make up an ideal diet and build the physique of a top athlete.

Diet Secrets Every Basketball Player Should Know

Your body uses water not only to hydrate your workout but also to build and repair muscles. Your muscle tissue is, itself, up to seventy-five percent water. Keep your muscles healthy and growing with adequate hydration. Read more… says that these are the good nutrition habits for excellent basketball players. These athletes are aware that diet plays an epic role in being successful in their field. As you can see, most of them exhibit muscular builds and they have low body fat percentages. Their structures are evident of this and it allows them to move explosively on the court.

It’s just that it can get quite challenging to build muscle and stay under 10% body fat. You’ve got to have a solid diet and weightlifting plan in order to achieve this.

The 5 Nutrition Habits of Explosive Basketball Players

Basketball players: the determining factor between becoming a good player and a great player is your diet. From my experience, I have noticed a trend in the way these athletes eat. My athletes, who develop amazing physiques, all share the following five superior dietary habits. Read more…

Live Strong has a meal plan for these athletes. Check it out!

We know that this sport is tough. There’s going to be repeated sprinting, jumping, and short rest periods. It gets difficult at times; especially the kind of training their body goes through. While practice is party of the preparation, food is also an essential part.

You need to know the right kind of food that will feed your muscles right. It should be a wide variety of nutritious options that’s going to meet your needs.

Meal Plan for Basketball Players

Most carbs should come from healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and milk to maximize vitamin and mineral intake. Lean red meat, skinless poultry, seafood or beans can help you meet your daily protein needs. For heart health, include healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds. Aim to eat five to seven times throughout the day. Read more…

It’s important to have a strong grip when it comes to playing this sport. It allows the athletes to have a better control over the ball. Aside from that, there’s a slim chance of the ball slipping through their fingers.

Basketball is fast-paced so using our liquid hand chalk solution is essential during the game. 

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