Things Experts Did Wrong: Pros Admit To Their Training Mistakes

T-Nation gives us a summary of the things that bodybuilding experts wished they didn’t do during their training period. It answers the biggest questions: What mistake did you commit as a beginner? What would you change now?

Let’s take one example: one coach said that if he was given the chance to do something differently, he would have asked the pros before how they improved and what the cause of their progress was.

Exposed! 11 Things Experts Did Wrong And What They’d Do Differently

The Question

What’s the biggest mistake you made as a beginner? What would you do differently now? Read now…

Coach Andrew Read gives us a breakdown about when training procedures turn awry. We all know that we’ve had highs and lows in different aspects of our lives. When it comes to failure, the gym is not an exception.

It may seem safe at first but the author has seen it all after years of experience. Let’s check out his words of wisdom and the things he witnessed.

When Training Goes Wrong

Everyone has ups and downs at work. I’m pretty sure the captain of the Titanic didn’t plan to let the ship sink. I’m equally sure that the Battle of Little Bighorn didn’t go as Custer planned either. Read more…

Fitness Pollenator author, Travis Pollen, shares these five biggest mistakes when it comes to personal training in bodybuilding. Even the most experienced trainers have had their own fair share of mistakes.

No one is considered as perfect. You have to learn the hard way in order for you to keep progressing. Making mistakes is part of the deal. As the saying goes, “To teach is to learn twice.”

My 5 Biggest Personal Training Mistakes

In 25 years, you’d expect a guy to make a few boo-boos here and there. No one’s perfect. But what about relative newcomers to the training game? I for one don’t have nearly the tenure of Coach Boyle. (I obtained my personal trainer diploma in 2013.) Yet I have to admit I’ve also made quite a few mistakes. Read more…

ExercisesForInjuries tells us about these common mistakes that personal trainers make: 

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