Pro Fitness Strategies for Basketball – Your Ticket To The NBA

Brandon Guarneri from says that these are the effective strategies pros use for better speed, shouting, and stamina for b-ball. If you’ve been working out real hard but nothing’s working out for you, these are the ways how to be a better player on the court.

We’ve got awesome suggestions from the pros that you can definitely use to enhance your game plan. If you want to increase your speed, stamina and mental abilities, we’ve got some rad recommendations for you.

How To Become A Better Basketball Player, According To Nba Legends

You’ve been working hard in the gym, hitting the weights to boost your fitness, but nothing seems to be working. The best way to sharpen your skills on the court? By picking up tips, tricks, and training suggestions from some of the best professionals in the sport. Read more… author Jeremy Hoefs explains that an individual is required to have abilities in terms of speed, strength and power to play basketball. If you think that you still need to improve in these areas, your opponent may have the advantage.

To make sure you’re ready to tackle a real challenge, exercises designed for this sport will be your greatest leverage. It’ll make you a faster and stronger player. It can definitely turn you into a worthy opponent.

The Best Exercises for Basketball Players

Basketball is a sport that requires a combination of speed, strength, power, stamina and agility. If you’re lacking in any of these areas, your opponent gains an edge on you. Read more…

The pros that you see on TV aren’t that different from normal people like us. They wait in bus stations and airports for their rides. They experience issues with their muscles, joints, and bones that might hinder them from training. They deal with pressure in all forms: the public, social media, and their performance.

These people are admirable. They can deliver a great performance even if they deal with these major concerns every day.

Mike Wines from gives us tips how to maximize our skills just like these players. This workout covers the technical skills as well as the physical aspect of your training.

Basketball Performance Workout: Building A Better Baller

Train like a NBA pro with this baller workout that not only covers technical skills, but also helps to build solid muscle and increase strength! Read more…

This video from iBall Academy has a nice and easy approach. Take a peek!


If you’re having issues with how you grip the ball, and nothing seems to be working for you, try Liquid Grip. This enhances your grip when you hold the ball, and it doesn’t interfere with your performance. It even dries in seconds!

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