Arm Wrestling Technique Training For Professionals And Enthusiasts

Arm wrestling technique training is more than what many people think. It has a lot of science and body mechanics that need to be mastered to be able to make it as a champion arm wrestler.

Arms wrestling technique and training essentials

Of course, the ideal arm wrestling training should come with an exercise table that simulates the knick knacks and characteristics of an actual arm wrestling table.

You can create one right at the comforts of your own home or you can purchase one online, whichever works best for you.

The keys to a proper arm wrestling training is no different compared to every other athletic training programs that focus on strength and endurance.

Forearm arm wrestling exercises for enhanced size and strength

Focused exercises dealing with gripping and sustained hold deal with strength conditioning exercises that must be focused on mostly the arms.

Take note that most gyms do not have specialized training equipment for arm wrestling, since they are mostly dealing with total body workouts for training.

Specific exercises for arm strength training

Arm wrestlers focus their attention in developing three basic categories forearm arm wrestling training;

High Speed Training

This is a combination exercise that focuses on strength to give you sustained speed as you control strength. This helps develop the speed technique to counter the opposing force with a burst of speed coupled with sustained grip hold and strength.

Strength Training

Obviously this deals with grip strength, your muscle combination that stimulates the muscles of your fingers, hand, wrist, forearms and shoulders.

Endurance Training

This deals with sustaining strength for longevity and extended periods of time. This allows you to muster the strength for gripping and allowing it to exert the sustained force through time.

Biceps Lifting Hammer Hold

Rest our arms on the elbow pad with a 90 degree angle while holding a dumbbell. Do this exactly the way you do a bicep hammer routine only that you are doing this with the arm rested on the pad. Try using a weight to allow you to do at least 8 to 12 reps and increase the weight as you progress. Do three sets adding weight progressively.

Wrist Lifting

This will develop wrist strength. Do this with the arm rested on the elbow pad of the table and use a special dumbbell designed for arm wrestling training. I’m sure you may have need of this apparatus if you plan to compete in arm wrestling. Place the arm on the rest at a 90 degree angle and perform wrist lifts. Do 8 to 12 reps and complete three sets with weight added progressively after each set.


This exercise develops great wrist strength. This is also performed with a special dumbbell with weights only on one side and sports a twisting handle to allow you to twist it during exercise. Do a bicep twist with this tool and keep the bicep muscles contracted. Do 8 to 12 reps on a single set and feel free to increase weights as you move along.

Chin ups

These are classic bodyweight exercises that help develop functional strength aside from developing your arm muscles. Not to be confused with the pull-ups, it may be similar in the technique, but the chin-ups are a bit more challenging as you need to go over the bar with your chin placed on top of it before going back down. This emphasizes the muscles on the triceps and forearms

Doing the revere grip chin-ups can also help focus on the biceps.

Floor press

This is a variation of the bench press, only that you cut the range of motion. This limits the role on the chest.

Find a power rack with multiple hooks or J-hooks, and set the bar just slightly above your belly button. Lie on your back with legs straight then unrack the weights and start pumping. You can also do this with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Make sure the elbows are pointing forward.

JM press

This is a hybrid between a standard bench press and skull crusher. Perform this movement 10 to 15 times.

One arm cable extensions

Grab a D handle from a high pulley and use a flash grip. Extend fully without bringing the shoulders forward, but keep the hips fully extended and the head in neutral position. Keep shoulders back to isolate the triceps.

Do these workouts as prescribed.

Arm angle workouts

Start with the one-arm cable biceps pose. Raise the arms 90 degrees with the elbow flexed and the biceps in their shortest position. Hold it for six seconds or more for the nervous system to activate the biceps and leads to better contractions throughout the workout.

Follow this with a cable crossover triceps extension. Work both the biceps and triceps with moves to stretch it to the maximum positions. Changing the length of the muscles also changes the tensions and maximizes the amount of muscle fiber worked.


This is one of the most convenient exercise moves that pack a lot of punch and give your triceps the development it deserves. It needs no sophisticated machinery or equipment and all you need is a stable elevated bar or flat surface.

Look for a dipping bar or bench or if outside a gym, a sturdy bench or table will do. If you are working out in a gym, set yourself up on top of the bench with feet on one bench and arms on the other.

Lower yourself until both arms are in a 90 degree angle, then move back up. Repeat the steps. If at home. Place a chair approximately two feet away from your couch and do the same process as you did on the dipping bench.

Close-grip bench presses

Assume a bench press position but this time, make sure both hands are closer together approximately two fists apart. Do the one-third top lockout repeatedly to work the triceps.


Take hold of a bar, handle or rope and extend the arms downward until lockout then slowly release. Repeat the steps several times.

Triceps extension

Grab hold of a dumbbell, secure it firmly with both hands and raise it up behind your head. Carefully lower it to the lower part of your head but not to let it fall too far back. Raise it back up overhead by extending the arms upwards. Repeat the steps.

Clapping diamond pushups

Get down on all fours and assume a push up position, with both hands situated in front of your chest instead of shoulder level. Make sure your hands are close enough to form a diamond shape with your index fingers and thumbs.

Towel pull ups

This is great for both grip, wrist, shoulder and arm strength exercises. This is similar to the bar chin-ups, except that you sling a towel over the bar and grip the towel ends with both hands.

With your legs crossed, pull yourself up with only the towel supporting your grip and weight. Perform as many times as you can.

Championship tips and tricks to let you get ahead

Foot positioning

Getting the right amount of support from your body can help a lot, it is also called leverage. Stand with the foot of the arm that you’ll use for the match and use it to hug the hip against the wrestling table. This way your bodyweight can help you ease up on the pressure of the arm and allow your body to boost with some strength.

Over the top

Take the upper hand by getting your grip on top of your opponent’s hand. Raise your wrist so that your opponent’s wrist is below yours. This gives you the edge to exert pressure towards you instead of against you.

The hook

This is a technique where you curl your wrist towards you and this is called ‘the hook’. This method allows you to maximize your grip strength and your pull weakens the opponent’s wrist. This needs to be done just about the time when the referee gives the ‘GO’.

The top roll

This is an effective technique because it not only counters brute force, it also saps the opponent by overpowering his hands with your grip. This is done by wrapping your hand around your opponent’s hand and pull towards you. The overhand force is stronger than the underhand move so you may feel his hand slipping and gives you the chance to grip your hands higher.

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