Gymnastic Ring Pushups For Stability And Good Health

Gymnastic ring pushups are indeed, one of the most challenging bodyweight exercises that demands a lot of strength to muster, but when you are able to adapt it gives you a lot of health benefits.

Gymnastic ring pushups to help you gain strength and muscles

There are several gymnast ring routines that you can do to boost your strength and endurance. They are developed to help you get a total body workout without the need for complicated and cumbersome gym equipment.

Ring Push- ups

Make sure to engage the glutes and brace the ab muscles to ensure balanced strength distribution and maintain full body tension at all times.

Avoid sagging the hips and make sure to always own the eccentric part of the pushup movements by controlling your strength every time you lower down.

Weighted Ring Push-ups

Add more resistance by wearing a weighted vest and doing the same movement as the basic ring push-up.

All the same, make sure you engage the glutes when you do this and ensure that tension is always applied on the hands, shoulder, back and the core muscles.

You can start with a few pounds added onto the vest and increase the weight progressively day after day.

Wide ring push-up

Follow the same starting position as the ring push-up, then as you descend turn both palms until they face both feet and slowly spread the arms out on both sides.

Ring Flye

This is technically not a push-up but is definitely one of the most challenging gymnast ring exercises around. The starting position is the wide push-up position.

Start pushing the rings out to the sides with the palms facing each other. Continue the practice this move day by day until you can hold both arms straight to your sides without dropping to the ground.

Ring archer push up

Straighten both arms in front of you for the starting position, with both plams facing each other. Extend your left arm to the side until it stretches and .your right arm bending downward until it touches your side then move slowly back up. Follow it with the other arm.

The stretched position resembles an archer aiming with his bow and arrow.

Ring push up negative

Start with a full body tension and engage all muscles in the arms, legs and core. Start with a slow negative while all the required muscles are endorsed.  Make sure to lower down slowly as possible to avoid slamming your body on the ground.

Of course, it pays to gain more advantage by training your arms for gymnastics, as it would help gain you the physical edge in any game.

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