The Rugby League Workout Routine

Rugby league player workout can be for everyone, regardless of whether you are an athlete waiting to wanting to improve your strength conditioning workouts or a skinny dude who wants to boost his self-confidence and grow some mass.

Rugby league player workout highlights

Of course, this workout program is ideal for rugby players, but it can be adopted for any sport or even just as a physical conditioning workout routine that you can use to maintain your fitness.

If you feel the need to get the same workout routines as those professional rugby players, then why don’t you try it out? You can surely incorporate it to your workout routines if you need to innovate from your usual workout routine.

Proper physical conditioning and game play training helps keep you ready at all times and makes you more familiar with the field, as well as develop your skills as a team player.

The ideal workout routines occur three times a week during off-season and two times a week in season, mostly core exercises to help with your strength and endurance, as well as develop form muscles and burn fat.

Maximizes your strength

Rugby is a physically demanding game, one that requires strength and endurance to keep you not just glued to the game, but ensures that the body and mind work together to enhance your performance.

This is the ability to generate the highest level of force the human body could possibly muster. It would only take ten seconds of one’s ability to maintain maximum continuous force then it begins to decrease, so any workout that requires maximal strength must only be done within 1 to 5 repetitions of maximum load weight, plus a good combination of eccentric and concentric muscle actions with longer rest periods in between.

So a good and ideal weight ratio can be used for the following, 1.25 times the body weight for bench press, 1.5 times body weight for squats and 1.75x body weight for deadlifts.

Warming up

This involves a good set of cardiovascular training starting off with some like core strengthening exercises like machine dips, step ups and crunches for the first five minutes of the training program.

Lifting weights

Always make sure to do the lift as quick as possible, being mindful of the ten-second maximal strength time frame.

Make sure to always have a workout buddy whenever you do your weight lifting, not just for motivation purposes, but also for safety reasons in case something should happen with weights.

Powerhouse rugby workouts for strength

This may apply for everyone and anyone who would like to go the extra mile in approaching a rugby strength training, incorporate these routines at least three times a week in order to get the best results.

DB Uneven Squat

This is used to develop the posture which is important to ensure flexibility but at the same time help you maintain a good body balance while maintaining your strength goals.

Engage your spine and make sure that you maintain your posture by looking forward. Place one foot on top of a box or a platform with the other foot on the ground. Hold dumbbells right between the legs and perform lifts using both hands up to the chest then slowly lower down to the ground.

Perform 3 sets of 6 reps then switch the position of the legs and repeat the same steps with the same sets and reps.

Romanian deadlifts

This helps develop the eccentric strength using a posterior chain of movements that focus on the lower back and the hamstrings.

Hold a barbell placed on the ground in front of you by bending your knees slightly and keeping the shins straight, with the hips back and the back straight.

With the back and arms held straight, engage your hips to lift upwards as you breathe out. Once you are already standing straight hold for a second then slowly bring the weight back down to your starting position. Perform two sets with 4 reps each.

Standing barbell split power press

This helps develop your upper body strength as this move gives emphasis to the triple extension using the ankles, hips and knees as the strength is transferred to the upper body with a vertical pushing action.

Hold a weighted barbell on one end and make sure to prop the opposite unweighted end to a scorner to avoid slipping. Hold the weighted end with one hand shoulder level and assume a quarter squat. Drive the weight upwards to extend your hand. Perform 4 sets with 6 reps each, then switch hands with the same sets.

Bulgarian split squats

This helps the body adjust to load variations, which is essential for a full-body workout.

With a loaded bar, place it securely across your shoulders and move a step back where the toe is rested on a flat bench at least a meter behind you. The other foot must remain stationary in front, then slowly lower the leg until the thigh is parallel to the floor. Then move back to the starting position.

Step up with knee drive

This adds elastic resistance to the legs and helps in strengthening the calves and hips. Place a barbell securely on your shoulders behind and step up on a foot high platform by bringing the opposite knee upward and with a full hip extension.

Repeat the same process at least 10 times.

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Grip training for rugby is also really important and with the right training mindset, you can sure make the most out of your workouts by enhancing your gripping power.

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