Over The Top: How To Dominate In Arm Wrestling

Dominate in arm wrestling and you may understand that it is not just about grunt and brawn, but a skill and technique that could take on even a strong arm as if you have been gifted by the gods.

Dominate in arm wrestling by knowing what to do

Just like in business, one of the best ways to succeed in your ventures is to play your cards well. Same goes with arm wrestling. Sometimes what you need is to have your aces that you can to win a match and sometimes it could even be someone bigger than you.

Of course, it is always best to be in top shape when you feel you would like to take on a challenge at arm wrestling. It would be embarrassing for a big guy to challenge a skinny dude.

As they say, pick on someone your own size and when things start to heat up for a friendly arm wrestling match, then start to take it away.

Put your best foot forward

Getting the right amount of support from your body can help a lot, it is also called leverage. Stand with the foot of the arm that you’ll use for the match and use it to hug the hip against the wrestling table. This way your bodyweight can help you ease up on the pressure of the arm and allow your body to boost with some strength.

Always on top

Take the upper hand by getting your grip on top of your opponent’s hand. Raise your wrist so that your opponent’s wrist is below yours. This gives you the edge to exert pressure towards you instead of against you.

The hook

This is a technique where you curl your wrist towards you and this is called ‘the hook’. This method allows you to maximize your grip strength and your pull weakens the opponent’s wrist. This needs to be done just about the time when the referee gives the ‘GO’.

The top roll

This is an effective technique because it not only counters brute force, it also saps the opponent by overpowering his hands with your grip. This is done by wrapping your hand around your opponent’s hand and pull towards you. The overhand force is stronger than the underhand move so you may feel his hand slipping and gives you the chance to grip your hands higher.

Of course, it pays to gain more advantage by training your arms for arm wrestling, as it would help gain you the physical edge in any game.

You can also get your edge in maintaining a good grip by using our revolutionary grip solution called Liquid Grip. It is a specially formulated grip enhancing solution that is made from natural ingredients and provides surface and grip adhesion for athletes and arm wrestling fanatics.

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