Golfers Strength Guide For Better Performance

Golfers strength guide is nothing more than a good set of best practices rather than a law that needs to be followed to the letter. It has routines and programs in it that will help you stay at your best and being prepared anytime.

Golfers strength guide to training as a rule of thumb

Golf is more than just a match that may people think does not require much, but in fact, it actually does.

This strength guide is more of practical and best practices rather than something that has needs to be followed to the letter.

Having the right form and swing is important as it determines the outcome of your game, add to that the mental activity needed to figure out how to get the ball in the hole with varying course terrains.

Indeed, golf has its varied levels of difficulty and each hole is always a test of physical endurance and mental acuity.

The swing is one of the most important parts of the game that can spell whether it be a par, a hole in one or a bogey.

Lifting weights to develop strong bones and muscles

There’s no need to explain how weight-lifting can do a lot for you, especially when it comes to muscle development. But truth be told, you are not aiming for big muscles, only just enough to enhance your strength on the green and making sure that you hit it on the right spot.

Heavy weights on low reps increase more muscle strength and bone density than lifting light with high reps. This is crucial especially when playing preparing for golf to ensure that you establish the right foundations for an 18-hole game.

Conquering fatigue

Two of the most common causes of fatigue in the golf course are the long walks from one hole to another and the blistering heat of the sun. These could literally help sap you out of energy and often result to a poor game, as your concentration is hampered and distracted.

Strength may not be directly related to fatigue, but imagine the impact it will have on you physically. Fatigue causes less muscle fibers to contract and strength conditioning can help you enhance the body to adapt to fatigue by means of endurance and longevity.

Rest is as important as working out

You don’t need to exert more effort in your workouts when it can do you no good, as repairing rest is important for the recovery of muscle breakdown that occurs during the workouts. Muscle tissue gets micro-tears the result from stretching and stress during exercise.

It is only when the body and muscles are at rest when recovery takes place, so it is essential to ensure that rest must be a part of your exercise program.

Sleep is good

No need to burn the midnight oil. Make sure you get adequate sleep between 7 to 8 hours each night.  Ideally, uninterrupted sleep is highly recommended to ensure that the body gets the maximum effects of the muscle tissue recovery process.

Strength workout program

For the workout table below, make sure to follow the patterns described, as well as the sets and reps to be done to enable you to optimize your strength conditioning workouts and help you be at your best for your next 18 holes of golf.

Make sure to develop this workout strategy by having this done 3 times a week and alternate each day with a rest day.

As you move on to the third week, you may begin to increase the weight of your lifts gradually.

Start with warm-up exercises to encourage to let the heart pump more blood to the veins and muscles. Do it for 15 minutes like jogging, walking or any easy activity for low heart rate aerobic activity.

Workout program

Golfers Strength Guide For Better Performance

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