Increase Your Deadlift The Proper Way

Increase your deadlift capacity and optimize your strength conditioning goals with just your body and the barbell. Lifting safely is your guarantee that no harm or injury could come to you.

Increase your deadlift by using proper techniques

Since you are involved with weights for the deadlifts, making sure that you have the right process and techniques is crucial.

Mainly because the logic is simple. Go heavy and you increase your risk for injury, so make sure that you do it right.

Otherwise, if you do it incorrectly you won’t get the desired results you need and you’ll be wasting your time and effort when you end up bust.

The good old deadlifts

Nothing beats the good old deadlifts when it comes to strength conditioning and muscle toning goals. Below are some tips and point to ponder before making your trip to the gym and starting off with lifting weights without knowing the basics.

Avoid dead squats

This may be good for the quads, but squats do lend much of a support for deadlifts. Make sure you engage in other forms of exercises that can help you get the maximum effects for strength conditioning.

The hip hinge

Engaging the hips while doing your deadlifts is one of the best ways to go about it. Imagine the sheer forced and pressure from the hip muscles to perform your deadlifts.

Setting up for the deadlift is crucial, as it is key to making sure that you are positioned in a way that you target the right muscle groups.

The key here is consistency. This should be all throughout the routine so that you get to enjoy the strength and capacity of your hip muscles to help out with your back muscles and spine.

Shoes off

Reason being is that shoes add an extra length of height by an inch or two and this could bear significant impacts on your weight lifting. An extended height can cause the weight to travel farther and your strength held a little longer which may not be good.

Going barefoot just gives you enough height to work on your deadlifts and not an inch longer or shorter.

Do more singles

Performing for higher reps don’t seem to jive well with the deadlift concept. Make sure you do not go beyond the 5 repetitions goal. This would allow you to develop your technique and at the same time you get to maximize the effects of your deadlifts for your gains.

Engage your glutes

Do this before the lift, so that the pressure applied for the muscles gat to spread evenly throughout the muscle network. Avoid doing it after you have committed the lift.

Tighten up

Take the time to prepare for your deadlifts. Do not go in haste or perform in a hurried pace. Make sure that you run a tight ship with your body, that way you are well prepared for your lift.

Master your grip

This is a vital consideration when you do your deadlifts. Practice grip strength and endurance. You need to make sure that grip strength is powerful enough to sustain and control the bar when you lift.

Poor grip strength could let the bar slip and you can get dangerously injured.

Make sure that you follow the steps above to make the most out of your deadlifts.

To also ensure safety from accidental slips, make sure you always secure your grips all throughout your workout sessions. Get a grip-enhancing solution like Liquid Grip. It is a naturally-formulated rub-on lotion that quickly dries up to provide your hands the gripping power it needs.

Its non-greasy formula acts like chalk and rosin, but without the mess of chalk dust or powdered grains that could cause blisters on your hands.

It also works as an anti- perspirant to prevent from slipping and washes off easily with water.

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Pros And Fans: Conditioning Exercises For Cheerleading

Conditioning exercises for cheerleading fitness and performance are designed to cover an overall fitness program for those who need to spend long periods of time to stay active, alert, coordinated and endure non-stop performance.

Conditioning exercises for cheerleading preps

Getting ready physically and mentally are the initial considerations that you need to prepare yourself for the gruelling workouts ahead. Make no mistake, conditioning exercises for cheerleading are among the most physically and mentally-demanding routines around.

Better think twice if you think cheerleading is all just about spunk and sass, it comes packed with a powerhouse of activities as well as a good level of stress to keep it going.

Proper guidance

Starting out with a cheerleading program needs to start with proper guidance from experts, as it can be harmful and send up in injury if not done correctly.

So whether you want to start a budding career as a cheerleader or would just want to maintain the program for fitness, you can surely count on cheerleading workouts to keep you in tip top shape and form.

Sign up in a recognized clinic

Make sure to join a reputable clinic or cheerleading program. They are usually certified and equipped to handle the training stuff and routines that make cheerleading exercises among the extreme work out routines out there.

Prepare for try- out day, don’t be too cocky or pretend to know something that you don’t or it could end up in trouble rather than making an impression.

If you feel you want to show something that would raise howls during tryouts, make sure to practice and master it ahead.

Conditioning routines to help you get started

Whether you are getting ready for competitions or preparing for the next seasons, you need to sustain your workouts to keep you ready and in perfect form.

Make sure to always remember that cheerleading does a lot of jumping and the best way to do it is to make sure that you jump off of your toes. It has been proven time and again that this technique makes you jump higher.

Ensure that you get full extension of your arms and legs every time you launch to make you feel “hyperextended” every time you jump.

Point toes at all times when in mid-air and not bend your legs during jumps to avoid getting a range of movements and avoid injury.

Sideline Squats

Starting off with standing straight up and legs spread apart, proceed to a squatting position while keeping the heels flat on the ground then slowly move back up.

Do this process 15 times.

Jet Fuel Lunges

Assume a plank position on the floor but with arms extended, then step the left foot forward just right behind the wrist, hold for two seconds, then step back. Repeat the process using the right foot.

Repeat the set 15 times.

Split Squats

Stand straight up with legs apart and hold a dumbbell vertically using both hands right in front of the chest. Proceed to a squatting position while holding the weight in the same position, allow the knees to come in contact with the hips then return to the standing position.

Repeat the process 20 times.

Box Jumps

Use a 20″ box for this exercise. Stand 2 to 3 feet behind the box and assume as semi-squatting position. Then propel yourself up to the box and land on top in the same position prior to launch.

Pause for 2 seconds then step down and repeat the same process 10 times.

Cuts on Cuts

Stand up and assume balancing the right foot with legs slightly bent. Make a lateral jump to the left, while landing on the left foot with the knee bent and right leg behind you. Repeat the jumping process using the opposite parts of the legs and body, moving as quickly as possible.

Repeat the process 10 times.

Blasting Burpees

From a standing position jump up and assume a plank position as you go down, bending the elbows to lower the chest to the floor. Return to the plank position and move on to assume a squat position then jump again and repeat the process.

Repeat 10 times.

Halftime Lunges

Stand with the feet spread apart, step forward with the right leg and bend the knees while dropping the hips down until the knee grazes the floor, then step back to the original position.

Repeat the process using the other leg and complete 12 repetitions.

Squat Thrusters

Start from a squatting position with hands placed on the floor in front of you. Launch your body upwards and extend your legs to assume a plank position, then return back to the squat position and stand upright. Repeat the entire process 10 times.

X Jumps

Start with the feet together and hands clapped together, then hit a high V motion as you move up to your toes. Circle the arms in front of the body as you bend your knees ready to launch for a jump.

Take off as high as possible and hit both arms in a high V motion as you extend both your legs to the sides to form an X.

As you begin your descent, snap your legs together and place both hands at your sides as you land.

Tuck Jump

With the same starting position as the X Jump, prepare to launch by bending your legs. Take off as high as you can and as you bring your arms to a V position, tuck both legs to your waist and keep the toes pointed.

Toe Touch

With the same starting position, hit a high V and stand on tiptoe. Circle arms in front of you and bend your knees to jump.

Upon launching kick both feet to the sides as high as you can and in front of you. Make sure both legs are level with your waist and hit both hands with your toe tips, then snap your legs together to prepare for your landing.

Practice makes perfect

Of course, no one becomes an overnight success so make sure that you practice well enough to become better and better. There are also advanced extreme moves and jumps that you can start learning once you’ve mastered these basic routines.

Start conditioning your body for this cheerleading workout plan and to avoid losing grip or slipping when doing your routines, make sure to use Liquid Grip– a revolutionary non-slip grip enhancer naturally-formulated to reduce surface tension and helps prevent blisters, to ensure a painless and uninterrupted workout training program.

It easily washes off with water and leaves no greasy after-feel, so you can enjoy your workouts better without any worry of slipping.

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Over The Top: How To Dominate In Arm Wrestling

Dominate in arm wrestling and you may understand that it is not just about grunt and brawn, but a skill and technique that could take on even a strong arm as if you have been gifted by the gods.

Dominate in arm wrestling by knowing what to do

Just like in business, one of the best ways to succeed in your ventures is to play your cards well. Same goes with arm wrestling. Sometimes what you need is to have your aces that you can to win a match and sometimes it could even be someone bigger than you.

Of course, it is always best to be in top shape when you feel you would like to take on a challenge at arm wrestling. It would be embarrassing for a big guy to challenge a skinny dude.

As they say, pick on someone your own size and when things start to heat up for a friendly arm wrestling match, then start to take it away.

Put your best foot forward

Getting the right amount of support from your body can help a lot, it is also called leverage. Stand with the foot of the arm that you’ll use for the match and use it to hug the hip against the wrestling table. This way your bodyweight can help you ease up on the pressure of the arm and allow your body to boost with some strength.

Always on top

Take the upper hand by getting your grip on top of your opponent’s hand. Raise your wrist so that your opponent’s wrist is below yours. This gives you the edge to exert pressure towards you instead of against you.

The hook

This is a technique where you curl your wrist towards you and this is called ‘the hook’. This method allows you to maximize your grip strength and your pull weakens the opponent’s wrist. This needs to be done just about the time when the referee gives the ‘GO’.

The top roll

This is an effective technique because it not only counters brute force, it also saps the opponent by overpowering his hands with your grip. This is done by wrapping your hand around your opponent’s hand and pull towards you. The overhand force is stronger than the underhand move so you may feel his hand slipping and gives you the chance to grip your hands higher.

Of course, it pays to gain more advantage by training your arms for arm wrestling, as it would help gain you the physical edge in any game.

You can also get your edge in maintaining a good grip by using our revolutionary grip solution called Liquid Grip. It is a specially formulated grip enhancing solution that is made from natural ingredients and provides surface and grip adhesion for athletes and arm wrestling fanatics.

Liquid Grip is easy to apply, dries quickly and leaves no messy after-feel. It is also easily washable with water.

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Golfers Strength Guide For Better Performance

Golfers strength guide is nothing more than a good set of best practices rather than a law that needs to be followed to the letter. It has routines and programs in it that will help you stay at your best and being prepared anytime.

Golfers strength guide to training as a rule of thumb

Golf is more than just a match that may people think does not require much, but in fact, it actually does.

This strength guide is more of practical and best practices rather than something that has needs to be followed to the letter.

Having the right form and swing is important as it determines the outcome of your game, add to that the mental activity needed to figure out how to get the ball in the hole with varying course terrains.

Indeed, golf has its varied levels of difficulty and each hole is always a test of physical endurance and mental acuity.

The swing is one of the most important parts of the game that can spell whether it be a par, a hole in one or a bogey.

Lifting weights to develop strong bones and muscles

There’s no need to explain how weight-lifting can do a lot for you, especially when it comes to muscle development. But truth be told, you are not aiming for big muscles, only just enough to enhance your strength on the green and making sure that you hit it on the right spot.

Heavy weights on low reps increase more muscle strength and bone density than lifting light with high reps. This is crucial especially when playing preparing for golf to ensure that you establish the right foundations for an 18-hole game.

Conquering fatigue

Two of the most common causes of fatigue in the golf course are the long walks from one hole to another and the blistering heat of the sun. These could literally help sap you out of energy and often result to a poor game, as your concentration is hampered and distracted.

Strength may not be directly related to fatigue, but imagine the impact it will have on you physically. Fatigue causes less muscle fibers to contract and strength conditioning can help you enhance the body to adapt to fatigue by means of endurance and longevity.

Rest is as important as working out

You don’t need to exert more effort in your workouts when it can do you no good, as repairing rest is important for the recovery of muscle breakdown that occurs during the workouts. Muscle tissue gets micro-tears the result from stretching and stress during exercise.

It is only when the body and muscles are at rest when recovery takes place, so it is essential to ensure that rest must be a part of your exercise program.

Sleep is good

No need to burn the midnight oil. Make sure you get adequate sleep between 7 to 8 hours each night.  Ideally, uninterrupted sleep is highly recommended to ensure that the body gets the maximum effects of the muscle tissue recovery process.

Strength workout program

For the workout table below, make sure to follow the patterns described, as well as the sets and reps to be done to enable you to optimize your strength conditioning workouts and help you be at your best for your next 18 holes of golf.

Make sure to develop this workout strategy by having this done 3 times a week and alternate each day with a rest day.

As you move on to the third week, you may begin to increase the weight of your lifts gradually.

Start with warm-up exercises to encourage to let the heart pump more blood to the veins and muscles. Do it for 15 minutes like jogging, walking or any easy activity for low heart rate aerobic activity.

Workout program

Golfers Strength Guide For Better Performance

These workouts will surely take your grip to the next level and give your grips the strength it deserves, so use Liquid Grip– a waterbased hydrocellulose thickener that – when applied to the hands – promote better grip, prevents blisters and reduces surface resistance.

It is also biodegradable and does not contain harsh chemicals to harm the user and it works just like chalk, but leaves no mess on the floor or other equipment and easily washes off with soap and water.

Our liquid hand chalk is ideal for use in enhancing your grip energy and enjoy more time practicing and building up your gripping strength.

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