Ideal Basketball Training: Balance, Speed & Strength

A full- spectrum regimen is essential to strength and endurance training for basketball players, which does not only limit the workout for the upper and lower torso, it should also target other parts of the body.

A combination of pumping iron, push- ups and squats may be good workout routines, but it may not target all the necessary muscle groups in the body, so it is important for the training program to hit the right spots that also play crucial roles in the game.

All strength training for basketball players have different phases depending on the muscle groups required for the sport, and one thing that needs to be integrated in the regimen is grip training.

There are different phases to strength training and are all equally important, but there’s a need to understand that it is not just about larger muscles and body mass, but also about agility and speed.

Most of all, this includes hold and grip strength because this is a game of taking possession of the ball, gripping it firmly in your possession, whenever possible, and making sure it gets passed accurately to the next available teammate in order to score a goal.

Grip exercises are also important for several reasons;

  • Prevents the basketball from slipping and accidentally gets recovered by an opposing player
  • Secures the ball during quick maneuvers and twists
  • Maintains possession of the ball as much as possible during game play
  • Firmly balances the basketball during aiming and passing to a teammate.

Many players do not give much attention to having the best grip and hold of the basketball to initiate the perfect pass.

Grip training for basketball is an important part of the regular training. This helps you get more control of the ball while in your possession and allows you to control the ball.

Practice makes perfect, so make sure to always practice gripping and throwing the ball and if you need help, use Liquid Grip – a “water based hydrocellulose thickener that allows for rosin and chalk to mix in a suspension formula” that will provide you with better gripping power and hold, ideal for those playing basketball and reduce the risk of the ball always getting into the wrong hands.

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