Determining Terrain: Knowing Your Rock Faces For Climbing

Indeed, rock climbing is not just a good workout activity but can also be exiting and adventurous – whether you are a novice or expert climber. Rock climbing is more than just scaling a rock face, a cliff or a wall- there are lots and lots of challenges and levels of difficulty that you can get from varied rock faces that brings a different adrenaline rush each and every time.

Ideally, a different rock face calls for a different climbing technique, where seasoned climbers would agree that there are always three basic types of terrain one needs to consider- overhanging walls, slabs and vertical faces.

It’s Important to know your rock faces for climbing, so take note of any or all types of faces needs careful consideration by each climber not just for exercise purposes, but also for the safety of the climber as well. One important thing to note is that a similar consideration is the grip, which is most crucial to every climbing activity.

Here are some of the most common rock faces that need special attention;

Igneous rock. This is the bedrock of the earth’s crust that form and erode into slabs and vertical faces, often characteristic of the common climbing spots found in the Yosemite Valley, Tuolomne Meadows and the South Platte area. You can rarely find overhang structures and is usually smooth with little hold surface.

Limestone. These are common faces found along the Rifle Mountain Park, Jacks Canyon and Shelf Road. This is a form of rock usually deposited at the bottom of seas that tend to form overhanging and vertical walls and caves.

Metamorphic rock. One of the most common faces on earth and is usually created through alteration of an existing rock subject to heat and pressure, often forming slabs and vertical walls that sometimes erode to slightly overhanging stone structures.

Volcanic rock. This is a type of igneous rock that forms on the earth’s surface as a result of lava flow. It often forms vertical faces with a few overhanging structures, but rarely form slabs likely due to gravity.

So, make sure to know what’s in store on your next climbing trip or challenge.

Whatever which way, climbing is a good workout and safety is a key consideration. Using an effective grip-enhancing solution is crucial to ensuring you maintain a good grip when climbing.

Liquid Grip is by far one of the ideal products out in the market today – a rub-on formula made from natural ingredients that eliminates the need to bring an extra bag of chalk to keep the hands dry and enhances grips with its surface adhesion properties.

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Pole Fitness Benefits For Beginners

Love your body, embrace change and empower yourself – this is what pole workouts is all about that has taken the fitness world by storm.

If you are a fitness buff then this will be the total body pole workout just for you.

Many people embraced pole workouts as an amazing exercise routine, but it is not for the faint of heart, as pole workouts happen to be an extreme exercise regimen that guarantees immediate results.

Pole dancing for beginners: Reasons why you need to learn

1) Weight loss. A person can lose an average of 250 calories in a single class. The more complex routine levels, the bigger the chances of getting losing more calories.

2) Suitable for all ages. Whether you are 25 or 60, pole workouts is open for everyone.

3) Body toning. Pole workouts is as intense as pumping iron, especially those enrolled for strength training exercises through pole workouts.

4) Promotes flexibility. Exercise routines in pole workouts promote better body flexibility

5) Variety. It does not get boring as new routines are regularly available. Unlike the usual gym workouts, pole workouts can easily customize dance steps or moves that would appeal to all ages.

6) Better posture. As you can see with the pole routines, it has certain levels of limbering and stretching exercises.

Pole workouts have started to spread like wildfire all over the United States pole dance core exercises

A pole exerciser also needs to develop good gripping skills in order to manage freedom of movement on the pole for the workout routines.

Many pole enthusiasts rely on the revolutionary grip enhancer solution called Liquid Grip- a waterbased hydrocellulose thickener that when applied to the hands promote better pole grip, prevents blisters and reduces surface resistance.

Our product is made from alcohol, magnesium carbonate, thickener that dries up seconds to promote better friction and a long lasting grip.

It is also biodegradable and does not contain harsh chemicals to harm the user and it works just like chalk, but leaves no mess on the floor or other equipment and easily washes off with soap and water.

Liquid Grip is ideal for use in pole workouts that would allow users to enhance their gripping energy and enjoy more time practicing and mastering their craft.

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Ideal Basketball Training: Balance, Speed & Strength

A full- spectrum regimen is essential to strength and endurance training for basketball players, which does not only limit the workout for the upper and lower torso, it should also target other parts of the body.

A combination of pumping iron, push- ups and squats may be good workout routines, but it may not target all the necessary muscle groups in the body, so it is important for the training program to hit the right spots that also play crucial roles in the game.

All strength training for basketball players have different phases depending on the muscle groups required for the sport, and one thing that needs to be integrated in the regimen is grip training.

There are different phases to strength training and are all equally important, but there’s a need to understand that it is not just about larger muscles and body mass, but also about agility and speed.

Most of all, this includes hold and grip strength because this is a game of taking possession of the ball, gripping it firmly in your possession, whenever possible, and making sure it gets passed accurately to the next available teammate in order to score a goal.

Grip exercises are also important for several reasons;

  • Prevents the basketball from slipping and accidentally gets recovered by an opposing player
  • Secures the ball during quick maneuvers and twists
  • Maintains possession of the ball as much as possible during game play
  • Firmly balances the basketball during aiming and passing to a teammate.

Many players do not give much attention to having the best grip and hold of the basketball to initiate the perfect pass.

Grip training for basketball is an important part of the regular training. This helps you get more control of the ball while in your possession and allows you to control the ball.

Practice makes perfect, so make sure to always practice gripping and throwing the ball and if you need help, use Liquid Grip – a “water based hydrocellulose thickener that allows for rosin and chalk to mix in a suspension formula” that will provide you with better gripping power and hold, ideal for those playing basketball and reduce the risk of the ball always getting into the wrong hands.

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