The Proper Way To Hold Your Bowling Ball

Bowling is more than a sport where you simply hold the ball, letting it roll down the aisle and topple pins at the end of the line. But in fact, it takes a lot of good grip technique to allow you to develop your “A” game every time you hit the bowling alley.

Serious bowlers pay a lot of serious attention to their bowling games as it takes more than just arm power to score big and a lot of practice to master your game.

How to hold the bowling ball

Observe the position of the holes. Notice the three holes, they are placed there to provide the means to hold the bowling ball and requires practice to allow you to launch the ball.

These holes are commonly situated on a triangular pattern with two holes placed closer together for the ring and index fingers, while the third one – usually bigger than the two other holes – is for the thumb.

The pinkie and pointed fingers help provide support to balance the ball.

Make sure to bear in mind to always hold the ball with two hands, as the free hand helps provide support as you swing the ball before launch.

As you place your fingers inside the holes, it is important that they are inserted straight and not allow the tips of the fingers to bow as it could cause an imbalance and cause a bad launch.

Both hands need to support the other prior to the swing and throw, considering that the bowling ball would only be able to go to where it is being guided by the hand that throws it.

Gripping and holding are also crucial factors that need your attention and practice, as they are responsible for maintaining balance, support an equilibrium to your bowling ball.

The smooth surface of the ball could sometimes cause an improper form that leads to a missed or failed launch.

To remedy this, you could use a rub-on hand solution like liquid hand chalk to help enhance your grip and hold on the ball, to prevent slips and accidental drops.

Liquid Grip is a specially formulated grip enhancer that quickly dries when applied and works better than chalk to ensure dry hands, it is an anti perspiring solution that let’s your hands stay dry to prevent it from slipping.

Lastly, like any other sport, constant practice is needed to master your game.

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