Grip Exercises For Rugby Strength Training

A strength and endurance training program must include a regular regimen for rugby players on how to maintain possession of the ball during game time.

One of these is the often neglected function of the forearm and the hand.

Pumping iron, push ups and squats may be good workout routines, but it fails to target all the necessary muscle groups in the body like the arm.

All strength training for rugby players have different phases depending on the muscle groups required for the sport, however, the arm plays a crucial role as it controls the game’s vital medium – the ball.

There are three different yet essential grip strengths that a rugby player needs to develop.


The Pinch Grip.

This exercise is intended for  grip longevity. A weight is placed between the thumb and fingers without letting the weight come in contact with the palm.  This may be a tricky one and using an anti-slip lotion like Liquid Grip can be used to prevent the weight from slipping off. Liquid chalk is also a quick dry formula that dries up easily to help secure your grip.

Simply pinch the corners and lift from the ground for 20 seconds. Do this 4 to 5 times at the start of  your workout session and you may increase the weights after every interval to build muscle mass.

The Crushing Grip.

This exercise focuses on the player’s crushing grip to ensure a firm hold on the ball.  Get a bucket and fill it halfway with uncooked rice grains. Submerge both hands in the rice then open and close the hands forcefully and rapidly. This exercise promotes crushing strength as well as forearm and finger extensor strength. The intensity of the workout may be increase as the hand goes deeper into the rice.

The Support Grip.

This exercise is aimed at increasing support grip strength. Simply get two weighted objects and simply grip the handle with the hand and life the weight for 10 to 15 seconds with three to four sets. This exercise promotes better handling grip.

The Rotational Grip. 

This exercise deals with the gripping hand to promote rotational strength of the hand and forearm. Take a baseball bat and place a small weight at the far end. With the bent elbow, use the wrist to rotate the bat left and right. Do 10 to 15 semi-circle rotations, with two to three sets per hand.

Also, make sure you use an anti-slip and grip enhancement solution like Liquid Grip not only to secure gripping, but also allows you to exercise safely.

Make sure to always include grip exercises with strength training for rugby players.

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