Bat Grips: Which Is The Best?

Dexterity and flexibility are two the most common abilities of good baseball player, especially the pitcher and the hitter.

This is specifically true with batters especially when handling the bat. You need to have the right kind of handle grip in order to maximize adjustments when you prepare or about to hit a ball.

Many say that the best way to hold and grip the bat is the one that you are most comfortable with, however, handling the bat with the wrong arm and grip positioning can affect your batting capability as well as adaptability.

Considering that you need to make split-second decisions after the ball is pitched, your ability to adjust your bat’s position demands the highest amount of flexibility from your wrist and hands.

Boxing the bat versus knocking knuckles

Many people ask about the proper way to position the hands in gripping the bat and there are two common ways to hold your bat.

Knocking knuckles- this is one of the most comfortable holding grips being used today but has its disadvantages, especially in the way a batter adjusts the bat to hit the ball.

This gripping position is characterized by the way the top knuckles of both hands are lined up in a straight line. This position, however, places both hands half-twisted from the wrist, thus, allow only a leeway for both hands to do only half twists when adjusting to any batting adjustment.

Box grip – this is by far the most ideal batting grip where the hands are positions in such a way that the top knuckles are aligned with the bottom knuckle of each hand. This allows for more wrist movement to make adjustments to your bat.

There are several variations to the boxing grip, but these are slight twists that do not significantly affect the batting capability.

Whatever manner you choose in handling that bat, just make sure to always consider the following things;

  • Are you comfortable with the way you are handling it? Always remember that practice games are a good way to establish the comfort level of your bat grips. So make sure to experiment on the best handling grip, as well as the grip position that is most comfortable. Remember that flexibility and dexterity are essential considerations when developing that grip.
  • Practice, practice, practice – it is important to note that muscle memory is also an important in helping you sustain your movements or muscle responses. Whether on or off season, practicing is always important.
  • Stay fit- staying fit is equally important. It mixes all the formulas of the ideal baseball player as this provides a healthy body fit for the game. Muscles and body form all need to be in tip top shape.

Remember that batting starts with the hands and increase your advantage than to use Liquid Grip, a state-of-the-art grip enhancing solution to give you that winning edge.

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