Pole Dancing Is More Than Just A Routine

This is one of today’s popular forms of exercise with an element of sass and entertainment, but while others think that it is nothing than a sexy dance routine, to train for pole dancing demands a high level of physical strength and discipline.

Most dancers maintain a certain body weight and inner core strength to be able to master their dance routines that deal with a lot of body weight, gravity and muscle control, add to that is the amount of strength a dancer needs to muster in order to maintain their grip in the pole to prevent her from falling.

Today’s dance training activities also involve off-pole exercise routines that provide a well-rounded physical workout targeting the major muscle groups in order for the pole dancer to maintain control above-ground during an entire length of a dance number.

What initially started out as a number in certain types of clubs, pole dancing today has gained the respect of fitness and exercise experts for being one of the most physically-demanding workout activity that high-profile competitions are already being held.

One essential aspect for pole dancing is the grip strength that a dancer needs to have to be able to sustain grip of the pole all throughout the entire number.

Imagine all the weight and force of gravity that a dancer needs to sustain by maintaining a consistent degree of grip intensity and flexibility in order to control the seemingly complicated maneuvers and twists around the pole.

Many enthusiasts count on our revolutionary grip enhancer solution called Liquid Grip – a waterbased hydrocellulose thickener that when applied to the hands, promotes better pole grip, prevents blisters and reduces surface resistance.

Liquid chalk is made of alcohol, magnesium carbonate, thickener and fragrance that dries within seconds of applying to promote better friction and a long lasting grip. It is also biodegradable and does not contain harsh chemicals that could cause harm to the user.

It works just like chalk, but leaves no mess on the floor or other equipment and it easily washes off with soap and water.

Liquid Grip is ideal for use during pole dancing training routines that would allow users to fear less of falling off the poles with their grips enhanced and enjoy more time practicing and mastering their craft.

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