Great Exercises For Your Grip: Part One

How you grip it plays a direct role in how successfully you can lift it. Men’s Health fitness director BJ Gaddour says that your hand, wrist, and forearm strength dictates much of your lifting power and stamina. So if you have been slacking in this particular department, then, it is time to… well, get a grip. And we recommend starting with these best exercises for your grip.

Two-arm hang. There are various benefits to doing a two-arm hang, and these include upping your forearm strength. To do this, hang from a pullup bar with both arms spaced wider than your shoulder for three minutes. You can rest between each minute. If you cannot quite do it yet, however, start with five to ten second hangs and work your way up until you get comfortable.

  • Offset hang. Hang a towel on a pullup bar and grip both ends with one hand, then grab the pullup bar with your other hand. Do this for two reps that last a minute each. Switch hands, too, so that both hands will grip the towel at least once. During this exercise, your hand without the towel should bear most of the brunt of the work.
  • Single arm hang. One of the more challenging exercises for your grip, the one-arm hang involves exactly what it says: hanging from a pullup bar with only one hand. You can try to ease it by holding your other arm out to the side, or against your torso. Do it for 10 seconds, until you can successfully do it for one minute.
  • Pullup and chin up. Also challenging, the pullup starts with a traditional overhand pullup where you start with both hands wider than the width of your shoulders on a bar. The chin up, on the other hand, is an underhand exercise. For each rep of each exercise, start in a dead hang, then pull your chest close to the bar while bracing your abs and slightly extending your legs in front of you to form a wide C.

Now, as some of these exercises can become intense, make sure to rest whenever you think it necessary. Also, invest in supplemental tools such as a rosin-and-chalk hydrocellulose thickener like Liquid Grip – which helps you ensure a stronger hand grip, even through sweaty palms. It also prevents blisters.

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