How to Become a Better Climber: Tips and Tricks

If you’re into rock climbing, you already know you’re scaling something that is endlessly challenging. And if you are up for it, check out these tips on how to become a better climber. After all, in this sport, sometimes the difference between safety and injury is only one strong grip away.

Do the right grip exercises. There are several exercises designed to improve your hand grip, but we recommend these:

Spring hand grippers

Considered to be a staple in training aimed at how to become a better climber, heavy duty spring hand grippers help amp up the strength in your fingers. For better results, however, hold the grippers for 30 seconds after squeezing them.

Training bar

A standard Olympic bar is good for lifting weight, but a thicker bar will be more challenging. The fact that you may have to exert more effort into holding it while your thumb and pointer finger not meeting will work your forearms nice and good.

Pull-up bar

Pull yourself up with your palms facing away on sets of 3, for a minute each. When you get better at it, try doing the exercise with only your fingertips; then, with one hand.

Fingertip pushup 

This is a regular pushup, except you use your fingertips instead of your palms. Most beginners will have trouble with this, but it will do wonders for your hand strength.

Always climb

Lastly, test all that training by going out to the real world and actually climbing. Just make sure that you have had enough rest from the training before you go scaling that new rock. If you need a little extra something to help you ensure a strong grip, Liquid Grip is designed to bond to your palm once it is applied to provide you with a better grip, even when your palms are sweating.

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