Do Experts Recommend Lifting Weights Before or After Practice?

There is an intense debate whether lifting weights before or after practice is beneficial to basketball players and all athletes in general. While each side has its own number of proponents, several experts agree that it is a matter of how an athlete’s body responds to heavy lifting.

A number of people do get tired after either lifting weights before practice or after. Former player Thomas Emma shares that elite athletes like Michael Jordan used to warm up by hitting the weights before an actual game and still perform at the highest level come game time. Others have muscles that require 48 hours to recover before they are fresh again.

Do Basketball Players Lift Weights Before or After Practice?

The main reason that a debate exists for the scheduling of basketball weight training is because of the skill demands basketball has. Basketball players must use virtually every muscle and often finesse or touch is just as important as strength. Read more…

In another article, Emma describes how difficult it is to devise a season-long strength training program but stresses that there is a huge benefit for players if they lift weights after a practice or game.

Basketball In-Season Strength Training, by Thomas Emma

Strength training immediately following games is a terrific way to keep current with player strength programs. It allows for extra recovery before the next competition and has the added benefit of helping to cool the body down after the intense exertion of a ball game. Read more…

Basketball skill instructor Dre Baldwin discusses the finer points about lifting weights in the video below.

Whether you are lifting weights after or before practice, you need to have a strong grip so you’re able to perform better. Add more grip and produce more output with Liquid Grip, a revolutionary product that gives you strong grip almost immediately, providing you with the traction you need to hold bars and basketball effectively.

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