Pro Guide To Mountain Climbing For Beginners

Some people find immense satisfaction when the conquer high peaks and rocky mountains. That said, such activity is not for everyone. Still, if you find yourself roaring to become a mountain climber, then going through a beginner’s guide to mountain climbing and implementing them is one of the few essentials you need to go through to start your journey.

Preparation and training prior to scaling an actual mountain takes months, even longer. In an article published an outdoors blog, Dirt Bag Darling, preparation is clearly an aspect to this style of climbing, like being in shape, mentally focused, and so on.

A Beginner’s Guide To Mountain Climbing

Reaching your first mountain summit—whether you’re on maintained trail, shimming along a rocky ledge, or climbing with harness and rope—should be on everyone’s bucket list, but you’ll need to prepare first. Read more…

While it may look exciting and exhilarating, mountain climbing is a dangerous sport that involves hiking and trekking through rugged terrain and thick vegetation, crossing rivers, enduring extreme temperatures, harsh elements, unpredictable weather, and more. The reward may be fulfilling physically, emotionally, and mentally, but one must also realize the dangers mountain climbing entails.

Philip Handang, a Filipino mountaineer and photo hobbyist, shares his guide to mountain climbing and offers a few tips to novices aims to be successful climbers, which include graduating from a Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC).

A Mountaineering Guide For Beginners

It is strongly encouraged for every aspiring climber to undergo the BMC. The BMC teaches the proper physical training and essential outdoor skills needed by a mountain climber, the proper climbing etiquette, and the “Leave No Trace” principles that are all very important to help minimize the impact on the environment. Read more…

Now, this is not a competitive sport in the most general sense. Most of the time, people do it for passion. And when you are passionate about something, you always keep the basics with you. Speaking of basics, the video guide to mountain climbing below offers a demonstration of several basic skills.

This requires gripping rocks, handling ropes, and holding on to branches among other things. If you need to enhance your grip right then and there, Liquid Grip is a perfect partner. Liquid hand chalk is a specially formulated product that gives you that extra traction you need to improve your hold and it doesn’t leave a mess or sticky residue that harms the environment. It also washes off easily with soap and water.

The next time you go on a hiking trip, scale a boulder, or conquer a peak, take Liquid Grip with you and come up to the top with traction you can rely on.

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