Pro Tips To Increase Your Rock Climbing Grip

Rock climbers and mountaineers require significant grip strength to them overcome massive rock formations and reach the top. If you want to become a rock climber, then you certainly have to increase your hold strength.

Most training camps require you to undergo a rigorous training process before you can actually start your first climb. A significant aspect of your training would be to increase your rock climbing grip. Chet Morjaria of Breaking Muscles shares a number of exercises that will give you that hold you need to conquer rock walls and formations.

Grip Strength for Lifters, Climbers, and Fighters

Grip strength is crucial to almost all athletes, and especially to strength training. If the hands cannot grip a heavy object, the body thinks it cannot lift the heavy object. And if the body cannot lift heavy stuff, then how are we meant to get stronger? Luckily, help is at hand (no pun intended.) Read more…

UK-based fitness instructor Andrew Rutherford offers non-traditional yet highly effective ways to strengthen your grasp. Who knew weighted hangs and farmer walks will give your grip strength that huge boost?

Top 10 Tips for Hardcore Rock Climbing Workouts

Unconventional training methods offer fun, productive, and time-efficient ways to move towards success on the climbs you aspire to. This is a world of gymnastic rings, sandbags, and clubs, but for me, one of the best tools is the kettlebell. Read more…

All that said, nothing beats professional tips about how to increase climbing ability than those coming from a rock climbing champion. Check out how the video below and see how a girl conquered rocks and competition with ease.

Rock climbing chalk leaves residue that damages rock holds and surfaces. The new Liquid Grip provides you with superior grip without the mess and sticky residue. Liquid Grip is made of 100% biodegradable materials and easily washes off with soap and water.

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