Awesome Basketball Training Tips Better On-Court Movement

Training and more training is the key to become a top level basketball player. Learning, as they say, never stops and the same can be said when it comes to hooping. These non-traditional yet very effective basketball training tips are ideal for players and coaches who want to improve their game and add more dimensions to their training but don’t want to boxed in by traditions and conventions.

If you look to get your basics in place prior to the start of the season, then these training tips and techniques published the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UMPC) are great for starters.

​Basketball Training Tips and Techniques

Ideally, training for basketball season starts three weeks before the beginning of the season to build a base of strength and conditioning. For most recreational athletes, this may not be realistic time wise, however, even minor conditioning is better than none at all. Read more…

Aside from movement and body strength, a chief concern for many players is their grip strength, which is necessary for palming the ball. Palming may not be a necessary skill as there are a number of players who perform at a high level but can’t palm the ball, but it is a talent that can actually influence one’s performance and also the outcome of the game. This is why a number of pointers are dedicated on palming.

Robin Raven of Arizona Central shares a few tips on how one can improve his gripping skills.

How to Improve Finger Strength to Palm a Basketball

A player needs extraordinary finger strength because he will most often be using a pinch grip to transfer, palm, move and throw the basketball. Building up his finger strength can bring visible results on the court. 
Read more…

More on palming the ball, the video below reveals a few tips on how you can do it even if you have small hands.

Liquid Grip provides users with topnotch grip and traction that enables them to have that reliable and long-lasting hold. This product has many applications, including basketball, where players benefit from a strong grip as this allows them to have better control over the ball, which in turn, enhances their overall performance.

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Pro Tips To Increase Your Rock Climbing Grip

Rock climbers and mountaineers require significant grip strength to them overcome massive rock formations and reach the top. If you want to become a rock climber, then you certainly have to increase your hold strength.

Most training camps require you to undergo a rigorous training process before you can actually start your first climb. A significant aspect of your training would be to increase your rock climbing grip. Chet Morjaria of Breaking Muscles shares a number of exercises that will give you that hold you need to conquer rock walls and formations.

Grip Strength for Lifters, Climbers, and Fighters

Grip strength is crucial to almost all athletes, and especially to strength training. If the hands cannot grip a heavy object, the body thinks it cannot lift the heavy object. And if the body cannot lift heavy stuff, then how are we meant to get stronger? Luckily, help is at hand (no pun intended.) Read more…

UK-based fitness instructor Andrew Rutherford offers non-traditional yet highly effective ways to strengthen your grasp. Who knew weighted hangs and farmer walks will give your grip strength that huge boost?

Top 10 Tips for Hardcore Rock Climbing Workouts

Unconventional training methods offer fun, productive, and time-efficient ways to move towards success on the climbs you aspire to. This is a world of gymnastic rings, sandbags, and clubs, but for me, one of the best tools is the kettlebell. Read more…

All that said, nothing beats professional tips about how to increase climbing ability than those coming from a rock climbing champion. Check out how the video below and see how a girl conquered rocks and competition with ease.

Rock climbing chalk leaves residue that damages rock holds and surfaces. The new Liquid Grip provides you with superior grip without the mess and sticky residue. Liquid Grip is made of 100% biodegradable materials and easily washes off with soap and water.

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Fat Grip Workout Routine for Your Arms

Strengthening your grip is a must whether you’re in for bodybuilding, weightlifting, martial arts, or even sports. It’s what will make your activities easier. Just think of the scenario when you have weak hands. You will either get injured, or hurt your opponent and team. Plus, you are less likely to hit the right muscles.

That means you won’t reach your body’s full potential.

The only solution to that is to continually develop your grasp, and to do that, check out this fat grip workout routine, as written by Rob Fitzgerald on Muscle and Fitness:


In his classic Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger warned you not to use straps for your pulling exercises. But you’ve been wearing them for years anyway and now your forearm and grip size and strength are lagging behind, just like Arnold said they would. It’s time for some dedicated forearm training to make up the difference and pay homage to the Austrian Oak. With this circuit, along with some simple and inexpensive grip tools you can make – and use – at home, you too can look like you work for a living, even if you don’t. Read more…

Here’s another set of workouts, along with a few tips, on Garage Gyms:

Strengthen Your Grip – How to Build Massive Forearms Top 10 List

Developing grip strength is an important part of strength training. Grip strength is necessary for practically every heavy pulling lift; cleans, deadlifts, rows, pull-ups. Not only will strengthening your grip allow you to pull heavier weights, but strong forearms will make you look more defined and muscular. Here are some ways you can build massive forearms. Read more…

You may have noticed that tools like hand grippers, blobs and barbells are suggested in the article. These equipments are great to use, especially when you’re looking for a way to spice up your moves. You can also try using x bands when you’re bored at home. If you don’t have one, rubber bands will work, too.

Lastly, check out these workouts that include curls, as written by Nick Del Toro on Muscular Development:


This workout is designed to target the “show me” muscles in the forearm, namely the brachioradialis and flexor group, which complete nearly all poses in competitive bodybuilding and enhance the exposed area of anyone wearing short sleeves. Read more…

In conclusion, whether it’s a fat grip workout routine or another, you just have to continue to enhance your grasp in order to have a stronger and more toned arms and forearms, enabling you to do more reps at a higher intensity. You only have to be consistent in working out, and the next sessions will come easy for you. 

And for even better performance, try using Liquid Grip. It’s one of the best tools to put in your gym bag! Unlike the regular chalk, it leaves no mess on the floor. In addition to that, it lasts for up to an hour and a half. You don’t have to reapply it over and over, so your session is not interrupted at all. 

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Learn the Right Bench Press Grip

The bench press is a very effective exercise for your upper body. It develops a large number of muscles, such as your pecs, delts, arms, forearms, and even your core. This means you’ll also be able to build your strength, and enhance your power needed for better athletic performance. In addition to that, you’ll improve your muscular endurance and bone mass.

But how do you maximize the benefits you gain from it? Yes, knowing the correct grip type is one of the key factors.

For the basics about the right bench press grip, read this article written by Brad Longazel on T-Nation:

Bench Press Grip: The Magic Number

All iron athletes, be they bodybuilders or powerlifters, agree that performance is paramount and that the quickest way to decrease bench press performance and limit gains is a shoulder injury. Read more…

Gym-goers usually use gloves when bench pressing, but we recommend you use Liquid Grip. It’s way better because you will actually feel the intensity on the bar! Furthermore, gloves may form calluses on your hands, which can be very disturbing.

Now that you know the basics, let’s move on to the types on Stack:

Bench Press Grip Guide: How Hand Placement Changes the Exercise

When you’re working out in the weight room, small changes can make a big difference. An inch here or there might seem insignificant, but being aware of minor alterations and their effects can help you get more out of your workouts and improve your performance. Read more…

Furthermore, strength coach Jim Smith shares a more specific type of grip. Should you do a wide or a narrow grip? Read on in this article on Muscle and Fitness:


Varying your grip width when bench pressing will definitely change which muscle groups are doing the majority of the work for the lift. Changing where you place your hands on the bar, or using specialty bars like a football bar can also alleviate stress on the shoulders, wrists, and elbows – especially for lifters who have pretty beat up shoulders. Read more…

In conclusion, there’s really no such thing as the best or the right bench press grip type. Variations are way better than following a set of rules. You just need to know the basics, and then start from there on your own.

As said in the first article, you do not have to copy someone else’s style, and rather, have your own. If you find one that you are comfortable with, then go with it. Always remember your safety, though. Put it above everything else! After all, it takes time to see the results, so you have to be patient.

And again, drop the gloves and lift with your bare hands. Even if you have sweaty hands, Liquid Grip will do the trick! It promotes long-lasting grasp, and in fact, it lasts for up to 90 minutes!

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