How to Strengthen Your Hand Fast for Basketball

A basketball player needs strong hands (and legs!) in order to play the game smoothly. Helping them grip better and perform against the other team.

More and more players rely on Liquid Grip because it helps them control the ball during the game. Also, the product doesn’t leave a mess or mark the basketball court.

In this article, we’ve compiled effective ways to strengthen your hand fast, from finger to palm to the wrist. And whether you’re right or left-handed, you need to boost both their power. Just because you’re comfortable with one hand doesn’t mean you can use that all the time. They should be balanced!

So, let’s start with strengthening the fingers, as Kay Tang discusses it on Live Healthy:

How to Build Finger Strength for Basketball

Strong fingers and hands are crucial to a basketball player’s performance. The majority of the movements — dribbling, passing, intercepting, blocking, shooting — is performed with your fingers and hands. Weak fingers will negatively impact your ball handling and shooting. To strengthen your fingers and improve grip strength, you can perform a variety of exercises, ranging from lifting weights to dribbling drills. Read more…

Your fingers are particularly important for dribbling and palming, so make sure you follow these tips to avoid breaking them. Serious damages may require surgeries. Who would want that?!

Next stop, the wrist. Chris Blake shares techniques to strengthen it, on Live Strong:

Techniques Used by Basketball Players to Strengthen Wrists

Total body strength training is important if you want to become a successful basketball player, but you might be surprised to learn how important wrist, hand and fingertip strength are for executing the fundamentals. From palming a basketball to proper jump shot release, ball control and accuracy stem from the amount of strength you have in these body parts. Thus, strengthening your wrists will make you a more effective offensive player and greatly improve your defensive skills. Read more…

Lastly, here’s how you can strengthen your whole hand to be able to perform tricks, such as to palm a basketball. Read more in this article by Michelle Zehr on Live Strong:

How to Strengthen Your Hand Fast to Palm a Basketball

You need strong hands to be a successful basketball player. Even stronger hands are needed to perform basketball tricks like the professionals — such as palming a basketball. Palming a basketball requires strength, practice, coordination and determination. There are multiple exercises you can complete to help develop strength in your hands, wrist and fingers. Using resistance bands, rubber balls and hand grippers, you can quickly strengthen your hands. For maximal results, perform exercises two to three times per day. Read more…

The truth is, whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder, martial artist, or an ordinary person who does a lot of chores every day, it’s important to learn different ways to strengthen your hand fast and easy. These ways will come in handy wherever you are! They will not only boost your hand’s power, but will also reduce your risk of injuries, tone your arms, and build up hand endurance.

The best way to improve your hands is to train it with the use of squeeze balls, hand grippers, rubber bands, and more. Plus, these tools are portable, so you’re always free to use them wherever you are. At least your boredom does something good for your hands!

In addition to that, pushups and planks can help you because they stabilize your hands while supporting your body, therefore promoting more power.

Practice all the time, and not just when the basketball season is almost here!

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