Basic Rock Climbing Grip Techniques

This is an activity that involves climbing up, down and across natural or artificial rock walls. This sport often requires the participants to have great strength, endurance, agility and balance.

For beginners, it is essential for them to learn the basic rock climbing grip techniques before they start participating in the activity. Proper grip techniques are one of the key factors for safe and successful climb.

In a video posted by Rock Climb Tips, they exhibit the proper way on how to grip yourself to prevent injury while climbing:

Rock Climbing Gripping Technique: When It Matters

When you get to the more difficult holds, you’ll find that a lot more strain is placed on you tendons and ligaments since the more difficult holds have much less surface area for your hands to hold onto, causing a lot more of your body weight being placed on a smaller section of your body. It is during this time that it’s tempting to employ certain ‘tricks’ that can at times give you a slight boost in your ability to grip the hold and thus marginally boost your climbing performance. However it is also these moves that focus too much of your weight on only a finger or two instead of spreading the weight out evenly among your fingers. This in turn is what can cause very painful tendon injuries that can prevent you from climbing for weeks. Read more…

When doing this activity your hand strength is very important, as this would be the link between you and the rock surface. A weak grip can only lead to accidents in the future. To improve your hand grip, Dylan de Castro shares grip strengthening exercises meant for rock climbers:

Exercises for Strengthening Hands for Rock Climbing

According to Malcolm Creasey in “The Complete Rock Climber,” hand strength is by far the most vital type of strength for climbing because the hands are the last connective link in the chain through which all other bodily strength is channeled. As such, it is crucial that you undertake hand strengthening exercises if you wish to improve your climbing performance. Read more…

Aside from having physical strength and mental stability, you must also invest in the right equipment to enjoy rock climbing thoroughly and safely. Apart from chalk or Liquid Grip, there are more basic things you need to have as compiled by ClimbingTechniques.Org:

Beginning Gear

So you’ve had a few days on the rock and you’re stoked! There’s just one downer: you’re sick and tired of wearing your buddy’s stinky climbing shoes that are way too small. Solution: you need to get some gear of your own! Here is a list of ten pieces of essential equipment to help you get started and some suggestions on what to look for when buying. Read more…

Learning the proper rock climbing grip techniques is one of the skills you need to enjoy the sport safely. Also, strengthening the hand grip can help you climb faster. But rock climbing is more than just a physical activity. It also demands a strong mental stability to help you during your climb.   

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