The Best Climbing Chalk To Use

Chalk is one of the most important things you need to have when doing rock climbing. Any professional rock climbers wouldn’t argue on that. But the crux of the matter is, what is the best climbing chalk to use?

This is a sport that involves moving up or down various rock surfaces using your whole body especially your arms and feet. A physically demanding activity, it can’t be helped that you’ll be sweating a lot when climbing. This is where the use of climbing chalk comes in.

In a post by Innovate Us, they pointed out some important facts on why chalk is an essential gear for rock climbing:

Why is Climbing chalk used?

If you are a lover of adventurous sports then you wouldn’t have missed out on rock climbing. Ask any rock climbing enthusiasts about their experience and they are sure to mention one or many of the popular rock climbing expeditions such as the El Capitan in US, The Greek Kalymnos Island, Pearl Rock in South Africa, Wharepapa in New Zealand and of course many more such exciting destinations found in the world.

It is a challenging and thrilling sport with some element of risk inherent to the sport. The risk is due to the adventurous nature of the sport, climbing the rough terrain could result in injury and at times even death if one is not fully geared up for the event. It is important to have all the necessary equipment in place and most important the climbing chalk which is of paramount importance to secure the right grip. Read more…

There are many types of hand chalk you can use, depending on your preference. Though chalk block is the oldest type of climbing chalk used, but technology has paved way to newer versions that is more effective and less messy like liquid chalk, such as Liquid Grip.

Uncle Sam’s, an outdoor shop, itemize the types of chalks that you can usually buy in an outdoor shop:

Four Types of Climbing Chalk

Some climbers don’t like to use chalk because it damages the rock face and they feel like it’s “cheating.” Some gyms and outdoor areas ban the use of chalk to protect the health of climbers and to protect their facilities.

However, using the right kind of chalk can help keep impact minimal and still give you a great grip. Check out these different basic types of chalk to see which to use when. Read more…

Though hand chalk plays a big part for a safe and fast climb, but we shouldn’t forget one of the most fundamental things about this: your finger grips.

Your finger grip matters more than the effectiveness or the expensiveness of your chalk. To recall your memory, Stewart Green enumerates the basic hand and finger grips used in rock climbing:

Six Basic Finger Grips

Using your hands and feet and making four points of contact with the rock surface is the basis of all rock climbing movement. How you use your fingers, hands, and feet–your handholds and footholds–to attach yourself to the rock is fundamental to climbing effectively and efficiently.

Keep Your Weight Over Your Feet

One of the basics of climbing technique is to rely on your feet and legs to propel you up a vertical face.

Your legs are stronger than your arms so if you keep most of your body weight over your feet, your arms are less likely to tire and you’re less likely to get pumped and fall off a route. Read Use Your Feet to Climb Better to learn more about good footwork and tips that help you climb better. Read more

Whether you are a new climber, learning to explore the sport, or a professional one, breaking the boundaries, it is very important to practice the proper way to avoid accidents and injuries.  As long as you have the best climbing chalk on hand, and your basic finger grips in mind, you are on your way to enjoying this fine sport!

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Liquid Grip Improves Performance of Bodybuilders


Liquid Grip is something that can be used for an enormous spectrum of different people, but bodybuilders can benefit from using this new version of chalk in particular and we’ll get into why further on. 

How Liquid Grip Works

First of all, let’s quickly run through what Liquid Grip is and how it works because of the fact that it is still quite a new product that some people might not have heard of. Some of the main ingredients contained in Liquid Grip include magnesium carbonate, alcohol, fragrance and a thickening agent. It is a water based substance that contains hydrocellulose thickening properties that enables the rosin and chalk to be able to effectively mix together.

When the user applies it, the liquid chalk dries within seconds of being rubbed into your palms and leaves you with an almost rough, syrup-like feeling on your hands which is great and many users of this product love this particular aspect. It makes gives them the sense that their grip will actually be improved as it binds itself to what’s known as the fatty acids on your hands and this enables your grip to be enhanced without causing any of the mess that the normal white chalk provides.

How is Liquid Grip Beneficial for Bodybuilders?

Chalk and bodybuilders have always been something that has been a part of the sport over the years. This is because of the fact that when it comes to them trying to lift heavier weight than what their grip allows them for, but other muscles can handle, they need things to give them a helping hand. One of these things are known as straps and simply involves the user to wrap the strap around the bar so that it is connected to the wrap around their wrist. But sometimes this just is not enough and this is where chalk comes into play. Chalk improves the grip strength even further by creating an increased amount of friction between the palms and the bar, if used along with the straps, the users grip strength will improve dramatically.

Advantages of Liquid Grip for a Bodybuilder

Bodybuilders across the world have found that using this liquid grip instead of various other forms of chalk has proved to be more favourable. One of the heftiest reasons for this includes the fact that once you apply this liquid grip to your hands and rub it in, you will not have to reapply it for up to another 90 minutes. This is pretty much ideal for a bodybuilder because of the fact that when they are training, they do not want to be in the gym for too long, otherwise catabolism may set in. If you did not already know, a bodybuilder want to try and be anabolic as much of the time as possible, whilst keeping their catabolic levels low, although there are times for that but they are very limited. This is so that they put themselves in the best position possible to be able to build muscle.

Therefore being in the gym and not training for too long will ensure maximum anabolism and minimum catabolism and liquid grip would entice them not to train for too long of a time. If they go into the gym and think about when they first applied it, to when they start to feel their grip starting to fade, then they know that it is about time to start wrapping up the session.

New Technology

Bodybuilders who train will of course be sweating throughout the workout and this may actually put some people off from using any type of chalk due to the fact that sweat and normal chalk do not mix well. Therefore they would be having to be constantly applying the regular white chalk again and again, but using Liquid Grip enables users to only overcome this issue, but they can actually benefit from it.

When the liquid chalk is applied to the hands, it dries within a matter of seconds and sticks to you under any circumstance (until you want to wash it off), even when you are sweating. So bodybuilders who sweat whilst training will not be adversely affected by having a weaker grip, in fact, the more they sweat, the more effective the product becomes as the strong binding agent within the liquid become stronger once the person is sweating. It can also be easily and quickly washed off by just washing your hands with warm water and soap and you leave absolutely no mess in the gym.

So liquid chalk and bodybuilders are something that should be a perfect match, users on our testimonial page (some are bodybuilders) have also confirmed this, so do not just take our word for it.

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Liquid Chalk and Basketball


What is Liquid Chalk?

When it comes to using liquid chalk, this is probably a term that a lot of people are not too familiar with due to the fact that it has become a revolution in grip technology and therefore not a lot of people know too much about what it is about. It is basically the same concept as when you see people using chalk for a number of different things from golf to bodybuilding but they all have the same purpose. To improve grip.

Let’s start off by explaining what liquid chalk really is. It is a hydrocellulose thickener that allows rosin and chalk to be to be mixed together and it is water based. When you go to apply the product, you will find that it dries almost instantly.

How it Works

This new liquid form of chalk however binds itself to the fatty acids in your skin and enhances your ability to grip things for a longer duration of time. It is very likely to become a very popular product due to the fact that it does the exact same thing that regular chalk does, except it is able to do it without all of the mess. No marks or stains are left on the clothing or equipment that has been used, another one of the huge advancements with this version of chalk includes the fact that its grip abilities are not effected by rain or sweat.

Liquid grip has been regarded by many as being a whole lot better when compared to the standard version of chalk. It tends to be more effective for specific movements and equipment or even sports, it has been known to have been used in golf, weightlifting and in basketball.

Benefits of Liquid Chalk in Basketball

In basketball in particular, grip is absolutely essential due to the fact that it allows the players to be able to have greater control over the ball and there is a smaller chance of the basketball slipping through their fingers. Of course this can prove to be a very helpful thing for basketball players who are playing on the court at a fast pace as each pass may count. If you mess up one of these plays due to the fact that you just didn’t have the grip, you will be kicking yourself knowing that a product like liquid chalk was available. 

Liquid chalk is ideal for basketball players because of the fact that it does not cause any mess on the court, normal chalk would leave all kinds of residue on the floor which could end up affecting the game. Another huge benefit to this product being completely mess-free is the fact that it does not cause any stains on the uniforms so the players do not have to worry about this aspect. Another reason as to why it is perfect for basketball players is because once you have applied it, you do not need to keep on coming back for more, so you are able to simply apply the liquid chalk at the beginning of the game and your grip should last up until the end. You ever seen a basketball game where a player has a free throw and they always want to use rosin and they end up applying it to themselves multiple times three or four times each game in order to keep their grip ability effective.

So, know you are aware of what liquid chalk is, if you did not know already, and how it can be used by basketball players in particular in order to step up their game without having to worry about putting things like rosin on their hands every now and then throughout the game. They can just apply it once with no residue whatsoever.

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How Liquid Grip Can Improve Your Climbing


When it comes to liquid grip and climbing, you will find that this product can be of great use for anyone who partakes in this activity. If you are wondering as to what liquid chalk is and how it can be beneficial for users who take part in the activity of climbing, you’ll want to read on. 

What is Liquid Grip?

Liquid chalk is basically a substance that works the same as regular, white chalk, apart from the fact that it comes with many extra benefits, the way it works it pretty simple. After it makes contact with your palms, it joins itself to the fatty acids on your skin, but the main point here is that it leaves absolutely no mess, unlike the regular chalk does. To use it, you apply the required amount of the liquid onto your hands and rub it in until you start to feel a rough kind of sensation on your palms, this means that your grip is now ready and enhanced. 

Uses of Liquid Grip

It can be used for a wide variety of different reasons and for different kinds of people who are looking to all do separate things however the liquid chalk can enable all of these things to be done to a higher standard by having improved gip. To get a little idea of who this product is suitable for, let’s just say that if you are taking part in any type of sport or something active, you are likely to be able to benefit from using liquid chalk. 

Liquid Grip Enhancing the Climbing Experience

Liquid chalk and climbing is something that of course goes hand in hand. One of the main reasons as to why this cutting edge version of chalk works perfectly for climbers is due to the fact that its longevity is simply unbeatable. It has a duration of up to 90 minutes. It is during this window after being applied that it will be the most effective. This is definitely one of the major upgrades from standard chalk to liquid grip as it makes using this product a lot more convenient for users as they do not have to stress about having to reapply the chalk every now and then. You can just apply some and not have to worry about it for an extended period of time. 

Why Liquid Grip is the Best Option

Liquid Grip products have been compared to by many climbers but let us tell you that most of them will chose Liquid Grip over any of the other ones that are available on the market. This is mainly because of the fact that the natural binding agents contained in the liquid enable the user to have a “sticky” kind of feeling on their hands which is great for climbers, and anyone else, as it means that they can really feel it working. People who climb have also said that they much rather prefer the feeling of the liquid chalk compared to the standard white chalk and they also love the fact that there is minimal mess. In fact there is none.

Another one of the magnificent improvements for climbers using Liquid Grip includes the fact that the harder you work, the more effective the liquid grip becomes. When you are taking part in any sort of physical activity, whether it be climbing or playing sports and so on, everyone ends up sweating and for most people, this means that they have to get a hold of more standard chalk to apply to ensure that their grip is not affected by it. Liquid Grip however takes advantage of the sweaty palms and enables itself to binds even more strongly to the hand to give the user an even further enhanced grip.

This may prove to be vital for climbers as it means that they do not have to keep on stopping to re-apply the chalk once they start sweating, so they can go on climbing for longer lengths at a time without being concerned about how strong their grip is. We mentioned before about how it is a very long-lasting agent as well; well both of these things can work in unison to give the climber the best kind of experience possible whilst climbing and using liquid grip.

So all in all, if you are someone who enjoys climbing but wish that you could do without the hassle of regular, messy white chalk, then Liquid Grip is perfect for you. Your hands will feel so much better gripped on the rocks when aided with this product and your experience of doing what you love will be enhanced if you decide to try this out.

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Weightlifters and Advantages of Using Liquid Grip


When it comes to weightlifting, grip is essential and liquid grip should be a part of the inventory. Weightlifters are often looking for ways for them to be able to improve on their grip, this is because of the fact that it allows them to lift heavier weight, if they were to use nothing and lift the weight, a lot of the time they just would not be able to get the most out of their lifts. 

The standard grip usually gives out before some of the larger muscle groups, for example on the deadlift. Users often find that their deadlift is hitting a plateau, not because of their back and leg strength, but because their grip simply cannot hold onto that kind of weight and they therefore look to things to help them improve their grip.

This is where Liquid Grip comes into play.

How Does Liquid Grip Help?

Liquid Grip is something that has been highly recommended by many coaches and trainers as well as weightlifters themselves who say in their reviews that it has greatly assisted them to be able to improve on their lifts. The first time liquid grip was introduced was back in 2010 at the Arnold Sports Festival, this was a great place to show case this unique product for the first time as there were a lot of athletes at the event and liquid grip appeals to an enormous range of different kinds of people for all kinds of different purposes. 

How it is Used

So let’s quickly outline what Liquid Grip is and how it can be used to vastly improve a weightlifter performance and experience.

Liquid grip is a substance that allows rosin and chalk to be mixed together in a new formula due to the fact that it is a water based hydrocellulose thickener. The main ingredients contain alcohol, thickening agents, and magnesium carbonate.

So how exactly can it help with enhancing the grip of weightlifters?

Liquid Grip Vs Regular Chalk

Well once it is applied, all you have to do is rub it into your hands and it dries within a matter of seconds, leaving you with a feeling like there is another layer on top of your skin, this helps to promote increased amounts of friction as well as a very long lasting grip. It is essentially quite similar to when people use chalk apart from the fact that liquid grip is more desirable in every aspect.

The fact that it is able to dry on your hands once applied almost instantly is great for weightlifters as they want to be able to apply the liquid grip right when they need it, before a lift, therefore there is not time wasted. Another once of the reasons as to why liquid grip for weightlifters is beneficial is because of its longevity properties.

The only thing you have to do in order to be able to sustain a solid grip for 90 minutes is apply the liquid grip once at the beginning of the workout. This requires minimal time wasting having to be reapplying throughout the session, which is what tends to happen for users who use standard chalk, and more time is able to go towards preparing for the lifts. When mentioning liquid chalk, many people pose the question as to what is so good about this product, well as you have seen so far, it is superior to regular white chalk in a number of ways, just look on our liquid grip Canada website’s testimonial page, the reviews from all the different kinds of people using it will tell you how great of a product it is. 

Positive Feedback

Weightlifters have been a part of the people who have left feedback on the liquid grip products and they have been very pleased with the product as it helps to develop their grip strength even further which in turn helps them with all of their lifts.  When it comes to using standard white chalk, there is just a massive mess created, this is not the case with liquid grip and this is another one of the highlights that have been said by users of the product.

However, another one of the leading reasons as to why many weightlifters are choosing liquid grip over chalk is because of the fact that when you start sweating, this product starts to work better. So of course for a weightlifter, this is going to be perfect as they often end up sweating during the activity of lifting weights and this would be a problem with normal chalk because of the fact that it would make their grip worse and therefore they would have to keep on applying the chalk over and over during the session.

When you sweat with liquid grip, the product works even better as it is able to bind itself to the fatty acids on the skin and actually improve your grip. So as you have seen, weightlifters are able to greatly benefit from using liquid grip however it can be used for a wide range of different purposes and is proving to be a very popular product amongst athletes. 

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